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Legal IT Group is a legal consultancy founded in 2014. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, the team of 10 provides legal outsourcing services for its clients. 

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  • Gamedev: Frogwares, Deyteris, Tea&cake Games, Vira Games, Turborocket games

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Legal IT Group was hired by Wishdo, a social media agency, to develop a robust privacy policy, terms of use, and service agreements for their customers. The goal was to align with current legislation, ensure user privacy, and establish clear, fair terms with clients. The team, consisting of a lawyer and a senior lawyer, successfully delivered these documents, reinforcing Wishdo's professional image and ensuring the security of client data.

For Yappet, an online platform for pet lovers, Legal IT Group drafted a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The platform, which collects significant personal and pet-related data, needed to reassure users about the fairness and transparency of its operations. The Legal IT Group, composed of two lawyers and a senior lawyer, quickly and efficiently provided the necessary documents, enhancing the platform's credibility and user trust.

Booblyc game studio engaged Legal IT Group for the critical task of proofreading a publishing agreement. The goal was to ensure transparency and clarity in their relationship with the publisher while protecting the studio's rights as developers. Legal IT Group, consisting of a lawyer and a senior lawyer, meticulously reviewed and adjusted the agreement, effectively mitigating potential risks of fraud or deception, and facilitating a productive partnership with the publisher.



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