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Cybercom Group is a software development firm based in Warsaw, Poland with other offices in Lodz and Bydgoszcz, Poland, Tampere and Helsinki, Finland, and Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Established in 1997, they have 1185 employees that provide web development, custom software, mobile development, internet of things, and more.

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Knowit was contracted by VirtaMed, a Swiss technology leader in mixed reality simulation, to connect their simulators to the cloud. The project was driven by the need for a trusted external partner with domain knowledge and the ability to meet high-quality and security standards. Knowit developed a service-oriented architecture and cloud services solution, transforming training sessions from isolated events to globally accessible lessons. The project was delivered by an agile team of Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Cloud Experts, QA Experts and a Scrum Master.

Knowit, trading as Cybercom, was hired by a mechanical engineering firm to expand their business into internet-of-things products. The project was divided into two phases: consultation and development. Cybercom advised on the initial phase and then connected the firm's units to the internet, setting up a gateway for tracking. The project involved site visits to connect equipment for various product lines and was delivered by a team comprising an advisor and project manager, along with 3-4 technical personnel.

A global health technology firm engaged Knowit, trading as Cybercom, for resource support during periods of high project demand. The firm needed talented developers to work through raw coding and quality assurance tasks. Cybercom provided senior-level developers, primarily experienced in Java and building enterprise-grade apps. At peak capacity, the firm employed eight developers from Cybercom for one of their largest projects. The partnership, based on time and materials, has been in place for a year and has cost under $500,000.



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