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Software development firm Indigo Labs d.o.o. Was established in 2021. Their small team is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Indigo Labs d.o.o. Focuses on custom software development, web development, e-commerce development, IoT development, and more.

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Indigo Labs d.o.o. was hired by IRRIOT AB, an intelligent irrigation automation company, to develop and maintain the IoT Cloud infrastructure for their platform. The project involved the development of backend Azure IoT Hub functions and an Angular-based front end. Indigo Labs d.o.o. was selected for this project due to their pricing and expertise. They were able to swiftly take over development from the initial team and address several scalability issues as the customer base grew. The project was a success and the client was satisfied with their work.

Easyfy AB, an e-commerce platform development company, engaged Indigo Labs d.o.o. to assist in creating a better platform. Indigo Labs d.o.o. was found through a referral and chosen due to their high ratings. The scope of work included a range of tasks, from minor assignments to major projects, with a focus on developing Easyfy AB's own product. Indigo Labs d.o.o.'s expertise and dedication resulted in a more robust and user-friendly product, with multi-language capabilities. The client appreciated their commitment to excellence and adaptability.

Bostjan Troha Consulting, a business consultancy firm, hired Indigo Labs d.o.o. for software development, with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine vision. The project involved the development of the PadelCourt app, which uses advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence for scorekeeping, gameplay improvement suggestions, and coaching. The PadelCourt smartwatch companion app was also developed to allow customers to share the best action while they play. Indigo Labs d.o.o. was chosen due to their high ratings, proximity, cultural fit, and aligned company values. The client was pleased with the outcome of the project.



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