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Founded in 2014, Infrolabs is a marketing strategy company. The small New York, New York-based team provides marketing strategy, search engine optimization, web design, ux/ui design, and more.

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Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 50%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 25%

Enterprise (>$1B) 25%

Common Project Size

$10K-$49K 23 projects

<$10K 2 projects

$50K-$199K 1 project


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Infrolabs App Development was hired by DigiHaul, a digital freight business, to create a mobile app solution for their logistics company. The primary goal was to streamline internal operations, enhance customer experience, and optimize logistics processes. A team of 6 to 10 Infrolabs employees worked on the project, delivering a user-friendly app that featured real-time order tracking, a robust inventory management system, smart route optimization, and a seamless communication system. The result was a significant reduction in errors, improved stock control, reduced delivery times, cost savings, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In another project, Infrolabs partnered with Globant, a digitally native company, to develop a new software application. Infrolabs was responsible for the entire development process from start to finish, working closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements. A team of 6 to 10 Infrolabs employees worked on this project, ensuring it was completed on time and within budget. The extensive involvement of Infrolabs in the project resulted in a high-quality software application that met the client's expectations and budgetary requirements.

TheGestor, a company that specializes in accounting and legal tech digital products, hired Infrolabs for the design and development of an accounting ERP mobile and web app. The key objectives were to integrate tax filing APIs and create an accountant admin panel to manage accounts. A team of 6 to 10 Infrolabs employees was assigned to this project. The scope of work included building a solution architecture document, creating a UI, programming the UI and implementing back-end functionality, as well as QA and security testing. With a successful delivery of the project, Infrolabs proved their expertise in design and development, meeting the client's needs effectively and efficiently.



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