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Founded in 2020, Greenlight Content is a freelance marketing firm based in Hamilton, Canada. They provide content marketing, strategy, conversion optimization, SEO, and email and social media marketing. 

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Greenlight Content was engaged by Clear Digital, a digital marketing company, for a variety of services including Google Ad copy development and on-page SEO content optimization. The goal of the project was to leverage keyword research and insights to create effective Google Ad copy and website content. Greenlight Content was chosen for their quality work, friendly customer service, fair value and quick turnaround. The project team was exclusively led by Vanessa Green, the owner at Greenlight Content. The results of the project were positive, with Clear Digital expressing satisfaction over the partnership.

In a separate project, Greenlight Content collaborated with a digital media agency to run online contests for a client. The project involved content strategy, paid social media advertising, and Hubspot expertise. Greenlight Content executed advertising across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, with Facebook eventually delivering the best ROI. The project was led by Vanessa Green and cost less than $5,000. The collaboration lasted from February to Fall 2019 and the agency continues to stay in touch with Greenlight Content for potential future opportunities.



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