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For over 25 years, CG Technologies has delivered outstanding services and value to 100's of small and medium-sized businesses in the GTA requiring technical and day-to-day IT support services. We fill the gaps your company has to ensure the technology your business runs on is optimized, secure and reliable. CG Technologies is proactive in our approach, high touch in our services and has the expertise to tackle any challenge or need.

Client Insights

Industry Expertise

Information technology


Business services


Consumer products & services


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 30%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 55%

Enterprise (>$1B) 15%

Common Project Size

$50K-$199K 4 projects

$200K-$999K 4 projects

<$10K 2 projects


  • Freshworks
  • Actian
  • Virima
  • MSPWorx

Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

15 Reviews

GoTo Marketers Inc. was hired by a database management company to replace their previous marketing agency. The company was struggling with slow campaign builds and sought a more efficient solution. GoTo Marketers Inc. managed their marketing system, built and ran campaigns, and provided technical advice to their in-house team. They also handled design work for emails, graphics for social media campaigns, and ads on various platforms. Their role expanded to include projects such as PPC, SEO, and SEM, creating assets and Google Ads, and writing weekly blogs. The company invested between $220,000–$300,000 in this ongoing partnership that began in December 2017.

Tenantcube, a property management software company, hired GoTo Marketers Inc. for a total rebranding and GTM strategy. The company was pivoting their business model and needed a full revamp of strategy and execution. The selection of GoTo Marketers Inc. was influenced by high ratings, proximity to the company's location, and a referral. The team size from GoTo Marketers Inc. ranged from 2-5 employees.

ArangoDB, a graph database company, contracted GoTo Marketers Inc. to act as their marketing operations team. The company aimed to gain control over HubSpot, fix Salesforce data for more accurate metrics, assist in Google AdWords, and receive overall marketing support. GoTo Marketers Inc. cleaned up legacy data in HubSpot and Salesforce, created diagrams for decks, banner ads, email invitations to annual Summit events, and ensured the company was up to date with changes in Google Ads. Factors such as high ratings, budget-friendly pricing, cultural fit, value for cost, and a referral influenced the selection of GoTo Marketers Inc. The team size ranged from 2-5 employees.



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