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Fat Salmon is a Sydney-based video production firm founded in 2015. Their team of approximately 5 employees handles all aspects of production, like scripting, filming, and visual effects. They create all kinds of videos, including explainer films and commercials.

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Fat Salmon was hired by Comviva, a mobility solutions company, to produce two corporate videos for their MobilytixTM Real-Time Marketing platform. The platform is aimed at telecommunications companies and banks. The primary goal of the project was to simplify the explanation of the platform through these videos. One video was designed to detail the end-user experience before and after installing the platform, and the other to elucidate the unique technology architecture and its benefits to both the enterprise and the end-user. Fat Salmon was chosen for this project due to a personal relationship and a proven track record. The team, led by creative director Lucca and producer China, facilitated the entire video production process, from establishing a clear problem statement to delivering the final products.



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