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Edelo Pte Ltd is a e-commerce development company established in 2016. They are in Singapore, Singapore and have a small team. Their services include e-commerce development, web development, custom software development, and mobile app development.

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Edelo Pte Ltd was hired by BalletBody SG Pte Ltd to manage and update their website. The ballet and fitness studio chose Edelo based on high ratings, proximity, and cost-effectiveness. The team of 2-5 employees communicated primarily through email or messaging apps. Their work involved updating website content, creating new pages for different class types and blogs, and resolving any website issues. Unfortunately, the nature of these issues wasn't elaborated upon as the director was not familiar with them. Nonetheless, the project was completed successfully, proving Edelo's capacity as a reliable web development service.

The sports start-up company, Coldcut Pte Ltd, also employed the services of Edelo Pte Ltd to develop a WordPress website. The goals were to create a public platform for booking floorball courts at RED Quarters, embed a backend feature for part-time staff assignment and tracking, as well as provide training for efficient backend operation. The company was drawn to Edelo for their budget-friendly pricing, cultural fit, and good value. The team of 2-5 employees delivered on multiple fronts, which included setting up the website, creating a court booking system, setting up user login and credit tracking, designing email templates, creating WooCommerce pages, and establishing an employee rostering system. The successful completion of these deliverables demonstrated Edelo Pte Ltd's proficiency in WordPress website development and project management.



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