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DevelopsToday is a software development company that was started in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. With a team of just under 20, the company provides web and mobile app development to predominately small businesses in a range of industries.

Client Insights

Industry Expertise



Business services


Financial services




Advertising & marketing


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 80%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 20%

Common Project Size

$50K-$199K 6 projects

$10K-$49K 2 projects

$200K-$999K 2 projects


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Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

14 Reviews

DevelopsToday was hired by Synapse Team, a company that builds technology solutions for the AgroTech space using AI and CV, to build an image processing pipeline for drone footage and infrastructure in Google Cloud using Kubernetes and GPU instances. The team from DevelopsToday was chosen for their competitive pricing, great culture fit, and a referral. They took on the challenge of deploying new infrastructure, automating its deployment through CI/CD, and configuring a monitoring solution. Additionally, they made necessary changes in drone footage processing to build a pipeline optimized for the new infrastructure. The team from DevelopsToday successfully completed the project, meeting the client's requirements.

The CEO of a software company that simplifies residential real estate data access and utilization, hired DevelopsToday to create a portal for real estate data analysis, investment opportunities research, and ROI projection. They also wanted an interactive dashboard to visualize residential real estate data and an ETL for housing market data from their Snowflake warehouse. DevelopsToday was selected based on their high ratings, proximity to the client's location, and a referral. The team from DevelopsToday successfully built the portal and created the ETL for data from the client's Snowflake warehouse. They also provided full-cycle assistance during the release testing stage, polishing the application and addressing feedback from users.

DevelopsToday was hired by DevOps Garage, a company that builds DevOps solutions for FinTech projects, to develop a debt management application for iOS and Android and build a web portal consolidating data from financial accounts to analyze transactions. The team from DevelopsToday showcased their expertise in React Native, delivering a mobile application that tracks, visualizes, and categorizes transactions. They also executed a unique round-up feature that allows users to effortlessly save towards debt repayment. Alongside the mobile app, they updated the website to ensure a cohesive user experience, enhancing the site's features to align with the mobile app's functionalities. The team from DevelopsToday completed the project successfully, meeting the client's expectations.



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