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Designed for Humans is a print and online publishing studio in Vienna, Va. Founded in 2019, they're a freelancer who serves clients in a wide variety of industries. Services include print design, graphic design, and BI & big data consulting.

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  • World Bank

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Designed for Humans collaborated with the trade and international integration department of the World Bank on a data visualization project. The company was entrusted with data and visualization initially done by researchers in Excel and PowerPoint. They created alternative visualizations for the client's consideration and designed presentation templates. These templates were aligned with the publisher's design for the book, ensuring brand consistency. They also made a flexible PowerPoint version that allowed for data changes as required. The project, which ran from July 2019 to June 2020, was valued at approximately $20,000. The World Bank worked directly with Patrick, the founder of Designed for Humans, and were satisfied with his work, having collaborated with him intermittently since 2013.



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