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Deluminal is a digital solutions provider from Cacak, Serbia founded in 2015. With nearly 10 employees on board, they provide small businesses in IT and advertising with web development, web design, and UI/UX design solutions. 

Client Insights

Industry Expertise

Advertising & marketing




Information technology


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 70%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 15%

Enterprise (>$1B) 15%

Common Project Size

$10K-$49K 3 projects

<$10K 1 project


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Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

6 Reviews

Deluminal was hired by a social investing company to design and implement a new website for their app. The company, which allows users to connect their brokerage accounts to share their portfolio and trades in real-time, worked closely with Deluminal's head on various design variations. The project was completed with full implementation, with the head of Deluminal showing high availability and responsiveness to the client's input and changes. The client was introduced to Deluminal through a mutual friend who highly recommended their services.

A web development company engaged Deluminal for their front- and backend development and web design services. Deluminal worked closely with the client, starting from a rough sketch and a full written briefing, to develop design options before connecting it to the backend. The client had a previous working relationship with Deluminal's founder, Mirko, who had worked full-time for the client for eight years before starting Deluminal. Since starting their partnership in November 2019, the client has invested around $15000 in various projects.

A managed IT service provider in midtown Manhattan hired Deluminal to develop an internal CRM system to simplify their unique workflow. The client provided initial drawings for the interface and detailed inputs on the desired solution. Deluminal's founder and head of development, Mirko, was actively involved in the project, managing it with a critical eye and challenging each feature to ensure the final product met the client's needs. The client has been using the system for almost two and a half years and continues to work with Deluminal on a rewrite of the workflows and system modules. The client was referred to Deluminal by a previous associate and has invested around $17,500 in the project since starting the partnership in June 2018.



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