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Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Zug, Switzerland and Yerevan, Armenia, Definme is a custom software development company and blockchain company. Established in 2021, the small team offers custom software development and blockchain.

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Definme was hired by a digital marketing company, WeProDigi, to develop a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. The team at Definme was chosen for their cost-effective pricing and company values that aligned with WeProDigi. Following a thorough technical discussion, Definme's experts defined the tech stack for the user interface, wallet functionalities, security measures, and architectural components. The development stage saw the successful launch of the wallet after rigorous testing.

In another project, Definme partnered with Blockstars, a WEB3 development company, for the development of an NFT marketplace with its payment system. Blockstars was greatly impressed by Definme's experience and skills in blockchain hackathons and their ability to build scalable and modern dapps. Definme provided consultation and helped Blockstars understand the challenges of development and formulate a collaboration strategy. They developed a product roadmap, an MVP, and implemented full-stack development, culminating in the successful launch of the platform in the market.

Definme also worked with a fintech startup for the full-stack development of a real-world asset (RWA) tokenization platform. The startup chose Definme for their high ratings, cost-effective pricing, and good impression during the technical call. The team at Definme began with a discovery phase to identify the technology stack and plan the project. They delivered technical documentation and project estimations before proceeding to the development process. This included smart contract development and the creation of an interface dashboard. The RWA tokenization platform was delivered on time and met all the startup's needs.



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