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Advertising company COI.UA is located in L'viv, Ukraine. The company focuses on advertising, ux/ui design, branding, e-commerce development, and more and is small.The company was launched in 2013.

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COI.UA successfully completed an e-commerce development and digital marketing project for Piccolo, a Ukrainian kids' clothing manufacturer. The project entailed the creation of an online store, target audience mapping, social media marketing, and the development of a marketing strategy based on a detailed user survey. A team of 12 from COI.UA, including project managers, designers, developers, quality assurance specialists, and copywriters, contributed to the project. The result was a functional online store that has boosted Piccolo's market presence and profit margins.

In another project, COI.UA was hired by a CRM and business service provider to develop a lead generation landing page. The selection of COI.UA was influenced by the CEO's personal acquaintance with and respect for the owner of COI.UA. The project involved a strategic meeting to identify the company's needs, approval of the site structure and design, website development, launch, and bug fixing. The team from COI.UA that worked on this project comprised the CEO, a designer, a developer, and a project manager. The result was a successful launch of the lead generation landing page.



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