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Cinepro Studios is a Denver based creative agency. They were founded in 2010 and have a team of nine employees who specialize in video production, advertising, and branding for clients of all sizes in the advertising and marketing industries.

Client Insights

Industry Expertise

Advertising & marketing


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 50%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 25%

Enterprise (>$1B) 25%

Common Project Size

$10K-$49K 4 projects

<$10K 1 project


  • T-Mobile

Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

5 Reviews

Cinepro Studios | A Creative Agency was hired by a nonprofit charity serving the military and first responder community for a branding project aimed at expanding the organization's reach nationwide. The company's team, led by their top brander/videographer and a graphics design artist, worked closely with the charity to understand their 15-year history, vision, and future goals. The result was a branding and marketing campaign that exceeded the client's expectations. The charity's CEO pronounced the decision to engage Cinepro Studios as the best they had made since their inception in 2005.

Cinepro Studios | A Creative Agency was contracted by RT Welter & Associates, a healthcare consulting company, to create a series of webinars/videos as part of a curriculum aimed at helping doctors better understand contracting and their relationships with commercial insurance carriers. Cinepro Studios filmed and produced videos for each of the 6 chapters of the curriculum, adding post-production flourishes including an animated character to support the content. The RT Welter Team worked closely with Cinepro Studios throughout the process, providing feedback and making updates as necessary.

Cinepro Studios | A Creative Agency was engaged by a manufacturing company to produce a series of marketing videos for the US market. The company's global marketing materials were deemed unsuitable for the US audience and in-house resources were limited. Cinepro Studios managed pre- and post-production, filming and editing content for a range of topics and products. One of the larger projects involved documenting the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility over a twelve-month period and its grand opening, with the video featuring recap, timelapses, and aerial drone footage. Cinepro Studios also produced a series of technical videos, including tool demonstrations and the restoration of a 1955 Chevy Bel Air show car.



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