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Bridge City Media is a video production agency. Established in 2016, the team specializes in video production, social media marketing, digital strategy, and web design. Their small agency is Portland, Oregon-based.

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Small Business (<$10M) 90%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 10%

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<$10K 2 projects

$10K-$49K 2 projects


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Bridge City Media completed a video production project for The Neil Jones Food Company, a US-based processor of tomatoes and fruits. The firm was hired to create high-quality media content that would portray the company's story, quality standards, and employee experiences. The project deliverables included an 'About' video, a shortened version of the 'About' video optimized for social media, a silent banner video for the website, over 50 edited photos, eight gifs or looped videos for social or website use, and all raw footage delivered on an external hard drive. The client chose Bridge City Media due to their high ratings, geographic proximity, cost-effectiveness, and alignment of company values. The media content produced was expected to enhance sales opportunities and workforce interest in the long run.

For the Financial Planning Association, Bridge City Media was tasked with creating a video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CFP certification. The firm was chosen due to its high ratings, budget-fitting pricing, and excellent cultural fit. The project involved recording an interview and producing a four-minute video that was shown at the Association's Annual Conference.

Bridge City Media also worked with the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association to create an educational course for healthcare professionals and the public. The project involved 24 hours of video production, which included multiple sets and role-playing actors, and post-production activities like video editing, graphics, still photography, stock video, title creation, and music. The final product was a 110-minute video divided into 8 chapters. The client picked Bridge City Media for its high ratings, proximity, pricing, and company values alignment.



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