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Bickerstaff.734 is an advertising company. Founded in 2020, the agency is located in Kyiv, Ukraine and Lisboa, Portugal. The small team provides advertising, graphic design, branding, direct marketing, and more.

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Small Business (<$10M) 30%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 60%

Enterprise (>$1B) 10%

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Bickerstaff.734 was hired by the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine to create a platform for informing Russians about the devastation in Ukraine. The company, consisting of 6-10 employees, developed a website that imitated Airbnb, offering unusual accommodations like ruined apartments. They also created content such as banners and videos featuring photos of destroyed Ukrainian cities, and integrated a Telegram bot to share the truth about the war. The project was successful in countering the widespread belief that the situation was exaggerated and reaching a target audience with limited access to unbiased information about the conflict.

Galychyna Dairy Company LLC hired Bickerstaff.734 to craft impactful messaging that would resonate in times of war and communicate the company's unwavering support for the Ukrainian community. Bickerstaff.734 changed the name on the label from Galychyna to the names of the other 13 historical regions of Ukraine, turning the company's products into a symbol of unity. They also created a commercial with the message: "WE instead of ME". The campaign was a huge success, with people coming exclusively for a bottle of their native "Donbas", "Slobozhanshchyna", or "Crimea", and dedicating songs and poems to milk, making memes, recording duets on TikTok, and taking selfies with a bottle of milk, kefir, or yogurt.

Bickerstaff.734 was hired by Everstake, a decentralized staking provider in the blockchain industry, to create a charitable comms campaign. The main goal was to inspire the crypto community to continue to support Ukraine and donate in cryptocurrency. Bickerstaff.734, with a team of 6-10 employees, recorded a rap video featuring doves of peace who call the crypto community to invest in peace. This creative approach was successful in reaching the desired audience and promoting the cause.



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