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How Guest Speakers Can Boost Your Business

How Guest Speakers Can Boost Your Business

How Guest Speakers Can Boost Your Business

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The success of any company depends on having motivated and skilled employees who get the job done. But even the best workforce needs training and a fresh perspective to keep innovating, and that’s where guest speakers can provide invaluable assistance.

As the global economy becomes ever more competitive, companies are working hard to find new ways of growing their revenue. They invest in innovative projects and develop new services, trying to beat competitors with better and cheaper products.

But focusing on external threats can lead some managers to overlook internal problems such as employee engagement. A whopping 87% of employees across the world are not engaged, resulting in $450 billion in productivity losses for U.S. companies alone.

Tackling this problem, however, requires more than a pay raise. Businesses should provide employees with new perspectives, exciting ideas, and inspirational role models that will energize teams and inspire them to excel in their work.

And one of the best ways to achieve this is by bringing in guest speakers with relevant skills and experiences.

5 benefits of hiring guest speakers

There are 5 main reasons to hire a guest speaker. Read on to see how an external voice can help companies boost morale and invest in employee growth.

5 Benefits of Hiring Guest Speakers

  1. Speakers offer a fresh business perspective
  2. Guest speakers promote cooperation and teamwork
  3. Investing in employees leads to higher revenue
  4. Guest workshops offer training opportunities to help retain employees
  5. Speakers improve employee morale

1. Speakers Offer a Fresh Business Perspective

Static and monotonous work can lead to stagnant thinking, with workers unable to see the big picture or think outside the box. New ideas are promptly rejected, and teams are frustrated with the lack of progress.

Solving this problem requires everyone to see a fresh perspective, delivered by an outsider who’s an expert in the field.

Managers turn to guest speakers who motivate employees to come up with ideas on how to, for instance, develop new products or provide better customer care. Innovative approaches to existing problems will break set routines and help teams love what they do.

2. Guest Speakers Promote Cooperation and Teamwork

As everyone adopts a new way of thinking, different departments will start to cooperate more and act as a coherent unit. This is especially important for larger companies, where employees can develop the "silo mentality" and refrain from sharing information actively with other teams.

Uncoordinated work can have devastating effects on companies, leading to failed projects and loss of revenue. But managers can leverage speakers to promote innovation. Guest speakers will ensure that workers see the benefit of joint activities that challenge old ways of doing business.

3. Investing in Employees Leads to Higher Revenue

Another benefit of hiring outsiders to speak to the team is that it shows employees that the company is willing to invest in their professional development. After all, skills and knowledge are the most valuable asset professionals have, and additional education is always welcome.

Businesses will reap many benefits as they improve their workforce through training.

Companies that invest in leadership development have outperformed by 1,500% over the last 60 years

Over the last 60 years, companies that have invested in leadership development outperformed competitors by 1,500%. This comes as no surprise, as guest speakers can inspire employees from sales, marketing, and other departments to become more productive.

4. Guest Workshops Offer Training Opportunities to Help Retain Employees

Try finding experts who can organize workshops and spend more time with teams to boost their creativity and tackle specific problems. As we’ve mentioned, creating effective workshops can show that a business is willing to invest in its employees.

Engaged employees are also more likely to stick with a company instead of leaving for competitors. This helps managers improve talent retention and execute long-term projects.

5. Speakers Improve Employee Morale

Workers can become easily demoralized for many reasons. A company might be forced to decrease costs and let go of half of the customer service team or downsize the operations team. Additionally, new competitors might threaten the very survival of the company, forcing some employees to consider switching jobs.

But many of these problems can be overcome if managers boost employee morale. The goal is to motivate every person to give their best and defy the odds.

And that’s where electrifying and motivational guest speakers come in. The right speaker can show workers how to grow their business and move forward in uncertain times.

Finding the right individual to deliver a speech at a corporate event, training, or workshop doesn’t have to be hard. The company has to be clear on what it’s trying to achieve by hiring a guest speaker.

Then, managers should find an expert who can attract an audience, keep employees engaged, reinforce key messages, inspire everyone to make a positive change, and provide new perspectives. Whether a relevant speaker is found through personal connections, referrals, or even TED Talks, the only thing that matters is that attendees benefit from the event.

Guest Speakers Motivate Staff, Which Translates Into Better Products and Services

Millions of employees across the world are far from being excited about their work. This lack of motivation leads to decreased productivity and huge losses for companies.

Although improving employee engagement is no easy task, guest speakers can help businesses inspire their workforce by providing new ideas and fresh perspectives.

An outside expert can help staff perceive problems in a different way and come up with innovative solutions. And newly found motivation can easily translate into better products and services, providing value to both customers and shareholders.

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