How to Market Your App on Social Media

By Rhonda Bradley / 04 January 2018

Find out how brands are marketing their apps on social media with these 10 examples of successful app marketing campaigns.

When it comes to marketing your app on social media, there are some “tried and true” methods you can rely on to get the job done.

In this article, we’ll explore examples of how brands are successfully marketing their apps on social media with influencer marketing, co-branding partnerships, social causes, and special promotions.

Promote Your App With Social Media Influencers

Warby Parker’s eyeglasses app allows users to browse and select eyeglasses before ordering them for a home try-on.

Warby Parker app ad

Warby Parker employs a mix of app marketing tactics, including influencer marketing. In the promotion below, the company partnered with influencer Glorie Steinham to create an eyewear design.

Warby Parker tweet

The partnership allowed Warby Parker to bring Steinem in on the design, promotion, and social media aspects of its marketing.

Ibotta app campaigns are another example of app marketing with influencers. Ibotta is an app that helps people earn cash back for the money they spend shopping.

Ibotta app ad

To promote its app, Ibotta partners with budget bloggers and vloggers who often show viewers how to use the app while shopping.

Seeing influencers that people trust and respect promoting its app offers Ibotta a level of credibility that can greatly improve sales. This is known as social proof. 

For example, YouTube vlogger Melea Johnson frequently publishes videos that help people live a high-quality life on a low budget. 

Ibotta YouTube screenshot

Her 8-minute Ibotta video takes viewers inside the grocery store, showing them how she earns cash back on purchases she makes while grocery shopping.

Melea has 350,000 followers on her YouTube channel, The Melea Show, and is an excellent match for Ibotta. In this promotion, her 8-minute Ibotta video earned over 110,000 views.

Form Partnerships to Promote Your App

In December 2018, rideshare app Uber partnered with Starbucks for a cross promotion.

Customers who rode with Uber during the week of December 3rd received a free drink promotion from Starbucks.

Uber Starbucks promotion

Pairing with another company to promote your app can be an excellent way to expand your reach and convert new customers. You have the advantage of getting seen by the other company’s audience, combined with incentives that encourage viewers to make a purchase.

Uber is no stranger to co-branding partnerships. In 2014, the company paired with Spotify to provide personalized ride soundtracks based on user’s playlists.

Uber Spotify partnership

Before the Uber-Starbucks partnership, Lyft, another ride-sharing app, joined forces with Dunkin Donuts on National Espresso Day in November to offer free rides to Dunkin Donuts stores, plus discounted drinks. 

Lyft Dunkin partnership tweet

Since the rise of social media, many companies have partnered for successful co-branding campaigns. Partnerships can be an effective way to reach new audiences and incentive them to convert to customers.

Engage in Social Cause Marketing

This year’s “Giving Tuesday” offered excellent inspiration for many brands seeking to participate in social cause promotions.

For example, Lyft encouraged users to “round up” their purchase to donate to Habitat for Humanity.

Lyft "Giving Tuesday" tweet

Warby Parker took the opportunity to promote its “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” eyeglasses program, which has distributed more than 4 million pairs of glasses to date.

Warby Parker "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" tweet

Incentivizing customers to donate to social causes, or offering a path to donations, can be an excellent way to promote your app on social media. Not only does it allow you to help raise money for a cause your company supports, but it also encourages customers and followers to do the same.

Social cause campaigns can help to improve your brand’s reach and engagement across social media.

Offer Free Promotions in Exchange for App Downloads

Many brands offer incentives for users to download their apps. This can range from product credits to free bonuses.

For example, in the Tweet below, Starbucks entices its Twitter followers to download its app in exchanges for the chance to earn free drinks.

Starbucks free drink promotion tweet

OhmConnect is a software that helps Southern California residents use energy when it’s at its cleanest and conserve it when dirty.

To incentivize users, OhmConnect offers cash payments for residents who meet the spend/save guidelines.

OHMConnect tweet

Sonic Drive-In Restaurant takes a different approach to its app marketing. Rather than offer discounts or freebies for installs, the brand lets customers know how much money they can save and how much easier it will be by using its app.

In the example below, Sonic promotes its 50-cent “Corn Dog Day” while encouraging users to order ahead using its app.

Sonic promotion tweet

Sonic also offers many other promotional incentives to customers who order ahead using its app.

Sonic app screenshots

There are many creative ways that brands can promote the download, installation, and frequent use of their apps. 

Offering special incentives and promotions to app users can be an effective way to promote your app on social media.

App Promotions on Social Media Require a Mix of Tactics

There are many options to effectively promote your app on social media, including influencer marketing, co-branding partnerships, social causes, and special promotions. 

Many brands, such as the ones listed above, use and test a mix of marketing techniques rather than sticking to one style of promotion.

Test, analyze, and measure the results of your different campaign types to learn what’s most effective for your audience. Marketing your app on social media offers a wide range of opportunity to expand your reach and convert followers to users and customers.

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