How to Evaluate Whether to Use Flutter for Mobile App Development

By Renjith Raj / 04 December 2018

Flutter is a modern and reactive framework that bridges the gap between native and cross-platform user experiences. Learn how to evaluate if your business needs Flutter. 

Flutter has helped our mobile app company increase mobile app development speed and productivity. Apps built using Flutter give our clients a competitive advantage over their peers. 

This article will explain the benefits of using Flutter, including:

  • The Flutter revolution
  • The features of Flutter 
  • Who uses Flutter
  • How Flutter is the future of mobile app development

The Flutter Revolution 

Flutter is an exceptional cross-platform development technology. 

Flutter is one of the best app development tools online, with 24K stars on GitHub. Google launched Flutter to create beautiful, fast, and responsive native-like apps for iOS and Android. 

Flutter offers a differentiated approach to app development. It does not require the usual JavaScript bridge as an intermediary between the native platform and cross-platform codes.

While using Flutter, one can enjoy the benefits of accessing native features and software development kits (SDKs). Further, it offers the provision to reuse programming languages such as Kotlin, Swift, and Java. 

Let’s discuss some of the distinguishing qualities of Flutter.

 Access Flutter Easily

Google introduced Flutter as an open-source platform in 2017, making it free for all users. 

This accessibility allows small businesses to develop high-performing iOS and Android apps without exhausting their budgets. As such, small businesses can access advanced technology and use it for their app strategy for a limited cost. 

Enjoy the Impressive User Interface 

Flutter has a distinctive user interface (UI) compared to other cross-platform technologies. 

Similar to the high-end UI seen in native apps, Flutter apps are user-friendly and highly responsive. The design gives users the same look and feel of widgets that native apps do, which can be difficult to mimic. 

For example, we built an iPhone calculator using Flutter.

How Flutter App Compares to iOS

Our app looks very much like the native iOS app on all iPhones. Flutter has high-quality design features that enable an outside platform to have the same standards as a native development tool. 

Furthermore, Flutter gives different design themes for iOS and Android apps rather than replicating the same on both platforms. The easy navigation and intuitive UI enables businesses to retain their existing users while saving time and increasing productivity. 

Increase Your App's Speed 

At 60 frames per second (fps) with an accelerated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Flutter is extremely fast. Flutter brings the high-power engine of a gaming app into the standard app experience, which increases the speed of the platform. 

Flutter succeeded at implementing such power by using Dart, which is an Ahead of Time (AOT) compiler that makes faster performances and widget customization. The technology also used Just In Time (JIT), which quickens development cycles.

Reuse Code to Simplify Development

Unlike other cross-platform technologies, Flutter allows 95% of code reuse. Doing more with less in Flutter saves time and effort. 

Code reusability speeds up the development life cycle and time-to-market. With the help of a skilled Flutter developer, you can get two apps to conquer a wider market segment.

Integrate the Hot Reload Into Updates

Flutter’s “hot reloading option” enables you to keep the app running while you update the app in real-time. Your changes in the code only take seconds to get reflected on the screen. 

A fast and smarter option, hot reloading helps to quickly incorporate last-minute UI builds and bug fixes. Now, a new feature does not need to wait for the next overhaul phase. 

Further, you can update your Flutter apps to meet rising customer demands and interests. 

Who Uses Flutter? 

Flutter is not only for small companies with a minimal budget. Many well-known and large companies use Flutter to create their apps. 

E-commerce giant Alibaba praises Flutter for its fluidity and consistency across multiple platforms. Alibaba uses Flutter to power certain parts of its application. 

Renowned musical Hamilton also uses Flutter and lauds the platform for its user experience. Hamilton built the app in three months and today, the app has more than 1 million downloads.

The Hamilton apps' user design is sleek and high-quality, which appeals to consumers.

Hamilton App

Flutter is an extremely popular cross-technology platform with hundreds of apps in development.

Today, Flutter competes with React Native for the most-used app development software online. 

Flutter Is the Future of Mobile App Development 

Flutter is a recent entrant in the mobile world but has already gripped the app development industry. Flutter creates high-quality apps with increased speed and productivity.  

In the latest beta version, Flutter supports the new iOS update as well as device specifications. The platform also includes localization, so users can enjoy Flutter apps in 24 different languages. 

Because Flutter can be used for both iOS and Android platforms, the time required for quality assurance is reduced significantly, as the tests conducted for each platform can be done at the same time. Organizations can get their business apps into the market on schedule. 

As our clients experience the benefits of Flutter, the demand for the tool rises. We, ourselves, have been using Flutter since its first release in 2017. 

Flutter has created applications with impressive UI and impeccable features in minimal effort and time. It succeeds in bridging the gap between native and cross-platform experiences to users. 

For businesses, Flutter is the shortcut to success in the competitive world of app development. 

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