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12 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Isn’t Making Sales

12 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Isn’t Making Sales

12 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Isn’t Making Sales

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Generating leads and sales can be difficult for e-commerce sites, especially when your business is making common mistakes. This article outlines the 12 reasons your e-commerce site could be suffering. 

Your e-commerce site is the bread and butter of your business. E-commerce sites are essentially online versions of brick-and-mortar stores.


Why then is your e-commerce site not making sales? 

There are a number of obstacles that may hinder your online success. Web design from a top e-commerce developer is an important element of sales success, but it isn’t the only factor that weighs in. Responsiveness, content, brand reputation, and user experience are some categories that impact the marketing success of your e-commerce site. 

Beyond Web Design

Online success requires more than just attractive web design. Web design does weigh heavily on the user experience, but your sales success is multi-layered. 

What generally lies at the root of the sales problem for most businesses is a combination of many small factors that collectively create an obstacle in your ability to achieve the business’ greatest potential. 

As a leader in website design in Vancouver, we’ve analyzed the major components of the most successful and unsuccessful e-commerce sites

1. Your E-Commerce Site Is Not Mobile Responsive

Nearly 90% of people unlock their phone more than 150 times a day. In a world where most consumers use their mobile device to search for businesses, obtain product information, and make purchases, your website needs to deliver on a mobile platform. 

Does your website automatically conform to your viewers’ screens regardless of the type or size of device they use? 

When you envision your web design and its elements, consider the mobile responsiveness. If your website loads effectively across all platforms, you’ll benefit from better SEO, faster load times, and a quality user experience. All of this translates into an increased customer base, higher revenue, and overall business growth

The screenshot below demonstrates the average website traffic broken down by device usage.

Users By Device Category


Almost two-thirds of users (63.7%) use a desktop and 23% use their phone to access the website. Understanding the behavior of your users can improve their overall experience on your website.

2. Your Content Doesn’t Deliver

Take a look through your website and evaluate your content from a consumer standpoint. Is it relevant? Does it create value for your business? Your website content is there to inform your potential customers about the products and services you sell. It is also there to help them make an informed decision on whether to invest in your products and services. 

Your content should be well-written, relevant, and effective in its ability to create a proper vision for your business. If your content doesn’t do this, it’s time to refine what you have and publish new material that enhances your business.

Effective content creates a positive brand reputation that speaks for itself. 

3. Your SEO Affects Your Ability to Rank

Search engine optimization plays a major role in your business’ online success. Can your e-commerce website be found in the most common search engine results? If not, your business isn't investing enough in SEO. 

It’s not the fancy design that allows your business to be found online. SEO services give your business visibility on the web. As such, once your site design is complete, it’s important to discuss a digital marketing strategy that will give you the best ranking on search engines. 

As shown in the screenshot below, our client, RUSART, is ranked first for the keyword, “art lessons Vancouver.” Although “art lessons Vancouver” is a competitive keyword, RUSART receives a lot of clicks because it’s at the top of the search results page.

Competitive Keyword Results

The higher up you are on search engines, the more traffic and potential business you will receive. RUSART will have more leads and clicks because it is the first site consumers see. 

4. Your Website is Unprofessional

The purpose of any online site is to deliver information to viewers. Regardless of your business’ industry, your website is a tool to tell customers what you want them to know.

When it comes to website design, a clean, organized, and easy-to-navigate layout is the most effective way to grow online. If viewers land on your website and can’t find what they want quickly, they’ll likely give up and go somewhere else. 

Organize your content. Create a design that clearly shows viewers where to find the most important information about your business. Unless your website looks professional and provides value for your customers, it serves no purpose. 

5. You Don’t Encourage Conversions

Lead conversions are crucial to sales. When customers land on your website, you don’t want them to just look around and leave. You want them to like what they see and take further action to do business with you. The question is, do you make it easy for customers to act? 

Call-to-action buttons are a great way to encourage customers to take the next step and engage with your business. If your website lacks these excellent opportunities for conversions, you are preventing sales. Create easy-to-find call-to-action buttons throughout your entire website, and you will see sales increase. 

6. You Haven’t Identified a Target Audience

Who is your audience? What do the majority of your customers have in common? 

The most effective way to create quality web design and market your business to the right people is to identify your target audience. Once you do this, you can deliver your content and graphic design images in a way that ensures your target market will receive them. 

Identify the demographics and interests of your customers. Use this information to create meaningful and relevant content. You will drive sales and traffic with viewers who see the value in your products and services. 

7. Your Conversion Process Is Ineffective

Consumers simply don’t want to put a lot of thought and effort into the consumer process. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of ways to increase conversions.

Adding call-to-action buttons throughout your website is an effective solution. Contact forms are another. But, many businesses don’t use these tools the right way. 

Increase conversions by creating one-click call-to-action buttons. Reduce the number of fields required to complete a contact form. Create a checkout process that is simple and quick. 

Your goal is to make the purchase process as easy as possible. If your site doesn’t make it easy to shop, customers will find a competitor that does.

8. You Haven’t Created a Credible Brand Reputation

Credibility is important when you want to develop your business into a brand that customers can trust. As your business grows, it is important to ask for testimonials, customer reviews, and customer recommendations. 

You should also be sure your website highlights any accolades or accreditations you have received. Your social media accounts are a great resource to build rapport with your customers. When you create a credible brand reputation, sales will follow. 

9. You are Pushing Sales Too Hard

No one likes a pushy salesperson. The key to a great sales business is to develop lasting customer relationships.

Don’t overdo the marketing taglines throughout your website. Find a balance.

If you can create a strategic way to deliver your marketing messages, your visitors will trust your business and the ads you do place will be effective. 

10. Your Graphic Design Is Ineffective

Graphic design benefits your business when you use it in a way that is visually appealing. Once you create a good web design, you should back it up with quality, relevant imagery. The key to influential graphic design is to appeal to your target audience. 

Consider which elements of your graphic design capture the attention of your customers. If you can find a middle ground between your current customer base and the customers you want to attract, you can create effective graphic design that satisfies a larger group of consumers.  

11. You Have Yet to Reach Your Full Online Potential

A huge factor that influences your success is time. Of course, you want to see business take off and revenue increase in the shortest amount of time.

But you can’t expect success overnight. If you concentrate on the important parts of building your online presence and stick to your marketing strategy, you will see monthly growth.

Consistency is the key. If you are consistent, your sales will grow.  

12. You Don’t Have the Right Strategy

E-commerce consulting is extremely beneficial because consultants take your specific business and analyze what measures your business needs to take to engage customers.

Even with the most effective e-commerce web design, you still need to maximize the marketing channels available to your business. This comprehensive strategy is the only way you will build your customer base and convert viewers into sales. 

There are many ways to enhance your business once you create an effective e-commerce website. PPC, email marketing, and advanced profiles are just some areas to increase your ability to drive sales.

The most effective marketing strategies reach your potential customers across many different platforms. 

Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue

If your e-commerce website doesn’t bring in the expected sales, it’s time to identify the issues that are holding your business back. If you don’t have the right strategy, have not delivered relevant content, or aren’t following an effective SEO strategy, your website won’t bring the sales you need for success. 

Evaluate your online presence based on the points listed above. The sooner you fix these issues, the faster you will see sales growth and business success. 

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