How to Create a Good "About Us" Page for Your Website

By Jacob Daniels / 04 December 2019

After the homepage, the “About Us” page is one of your website’s most important sections. Learn how to create an effective “About Us” page that presents your brand in the best light possible to help convert leads.

The benefits of writing a good “About Us” page are numerous. Unfortunately, this page is often overlooked or underestimated, often resulting in a slower brand development process.

An ‘About Us’ page is not just something your website is supposed to have. It is a valuable opportunity to present your business to your site’s visitors — potential customers — and make a strong impression.

Together with FAQ, Blog, and Contact pages, “About Us” is one of the first pages your visitors will see. This page is your chance to tell the world who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. Therefore, you should not see creating an “About Us” page as an obligation, but rather as a precious opportunity to tell your story.

How to Create a Good “About Us” Page, Regardless of Your Industry

  1. Include key information about your company
  2. Use facts to support your message. Don’t boast
  3. Use what you know about your customers
  4. Adjust your design and content
  5. Incorporate internal links and calls to action
  6. Add high-quality photos and videos
  7. Introduce your team

1. Include Key Information About Your Company

Customers click on an “About Us” page to learn more about your company, which sounds intuitive enough. But writing paragraph after paragraph without a sense of organization can be hard for readers to follow. Try focusing on a few of these key points:

  • Explain what you do and how you do it in a way that is easy to digest. For instance, incorporate a simple illustration of your business model.
  • A good “About Us” page should include some of the important information from other prominent pages. For example, although you should have a separate Contact page with your address, it would be a good idea to write your address (at least the name of your city and state) on your “About Us” page as well. This is one of the strategies websites use to gain readers’ trust.
  • Other information that builds credibility concerns things like your education, press mentions, licenses and awards.
  • Talk about your company’s history, how you started, your important achievements, and milestones. Tell readers about your experience, especially how you’ve helped other customers.
  • There should also be a place for your company’s mission, core values, and the goals you strive to achieve in the future.
  • If you take part in any charitable endeavors, the “About Us” page is a great place to tell the world about the good that you do.

Keep in mind how you’re conveying information to readers. Using different mediums like informational images, bullet points, or a banner with some of your key clients’ logos can be a great way to layout your story visually without overwhelming readers. We’ll go more into this later.

2. Use Facts Instead of Boasting

Like everything else in life, writing a good “About Us” page requires you to find the right balance. For example, you want to emphasize your qualities without sounding like you are boasting. You also want to say enough without boring your readers.

Tell your readers how your product/service can help them, supporting your claims with facts, numbers, and testimonials. These things say a lot more than “We are the best, trust us.”

In case your business in still new and you do not have much experience, describe your future goals and what you are doing to achieve those goals. Also, talk about your principles and why you find the product or service you are selling important.

For example, Fundera’s about page opens with a statistic that poses a business opportunity. Rather than bragging about their services, they frame their work as a value-add for consumers, introducing their tech-focused approach to financial consulting.

facts instead of boasting

They conclude with an honest and dedicated mission statement — empowering local business owners to grow with their communities — to solidify their brand.

3. Use What You Know About Your Customers

Knowing your customer base is the simplest way to increase your customer base. Imagine the persons visiting your site. Who are they? Why are they looking for you? What are their needs?

The way you write your ‘About Us’ page should depend on the demographic you are targeting. You should inspire trust and encourage people to take action. In order to achieve that, you need to use their language and address their specific problems.

4. Adjust Your Design and Content

The tone of your content is of utmost importance for creating a content strategy that generates conversion. Write in a casual, friendly tone.

Often, the ‘About Us’ page is written from a third-party point of view. This may sound a little insincere. Don’t try to sound too formal even though you are presenting a business. You can be both professional and friendly, even humorous, at the same time.

Your audience wants to know a human being is addressing them. Feel free to use first person singular or plural and write as if you were speaking to an individual, not a group, face-to-face. Furthermore, avoid fluff and flowery language. No one buys that anymore.

5. Incorporate Internal Links and Calls to Action

If you create a good “About Us” page, your visitors will stay engaged and keep browsing through your website. This is a great opportunity to include quality links to other pages on your site. By incorporating these links properly, you will encourage your visitors to follow you on social media, opt into your email list, read your newest blog posts, etc.

Linking to your own articles is also a way of presenting your company as a credible authority in your industry while driving traffic to those pages. Without links or calls to action, you'r3 missing out on converting potential leads.

6. Add High-Quality Photos and Videos

You can write a good “About Us” page and stop there. But if you want it to be excellent, you should add some variety and break up the text. Otherwise, your page will appear monotonous. People will skip most of it anyway. The average visitor only reads 25% of an article.

By adding a high-quality photo gallery or video, you’ll not only make the page more visually appealing, but you’ll also help your visitors get to know you better. For example, you can use “behind-the-scenes” photos and videos that show what your brand is about. Do not use generic stock images, as this is one of the most outdated web design trends.

7. This is a Good Place to Introduce Your Team

Speaking of photos, presenting your team will also help you create a good “About Us” page. After all, your staff is a pivotal part of your business.

Something as simple as including the photos and names of your team members will help you humanize your brand and gain the credibility we mentioned earlier.

introduce your team

Introducing your team personalizes your brand in the eyes of site visitors, establishing trust from the very start.

Optimize Your “About Us” Page to Reinforce Your Brand

All things considered, a good “About Us” page has many important elements. It needs to be:

  • Informative
  • Interesting to read
  • Visually appealing
  • Personal

It is your chance to say, “This is who we are and why you should choose us and not someone else.” And, yes, it should be unique and original — but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow others’ examples, especially when it comes to page design and structure. After all, why change a recipe that works well?

Focus on your messaging and tone as well as looking at your overall page design to see what works for you.

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