How to Hire the Right App Developer

By Yuvrajsinh Vaghela / 12 July 2019

To succeed as a business, you need an online presence. And any online presence requires a well-functioning mobile app. Follow these tips to hire the right app developer for your business.

With the ubiquity of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is essential that businesses have an online presence to reach potential customers.

Mobile apps will help your business:

However, hiring a mobile app developer is more difficult than hiring a web developer. Many business owners that do not have a technical background are prone to hiring app developers who lack the expertise necessary to develop a user-friendly app.

So, be attentive and avoid mistakes when hiring a mobile app developer for your business.

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In this article, we will discuss mistakes that many business owners make when hiring mobile app developers and the qualities your business can seek in order to hire the right app developer.

Avoid these three simple mistakes and your business will be more likely to find the ideal app developer:

1. Failing to Provide Developers a Specific Plan

It is never acceptable to contract a service provider without a specific plan about their goal.

Make sure whoever you hire knows the overall goal of the mobile app, the kind of buyers you are targeting through the app, and how you imagine the app growing in the future.

This way, the app developer will be able to craft effective short- and long-term plans for your business.

2. Considering Price Only

Receiving a favorable quote is exciting, but isn't by itself the only factor to consider when hiring a developer.

You cannot compromise the quality of the provider you hire. Experience and knowledge are still important components of your hiring decision.

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A more experienced and capable developer may come at more of a cost, so weigh both getting a decent deal and hiring a talented developer.

3. Hiring Only Local Developers

Many business owners are inclined to search primarily for local developers who can easily be reached if changes need to be made quickly.

While it’s always worth being familiar with local talent, your business should expand its search nationally and even internationally.

Nowadays, any capable developers can be reached through email and phone. Cast a wide net when searching for a developer to make sure you are getting the best talent possible.

Qualities to Seek in an App Developer

After you’ve successfully avoided the simple mistakes that complicate the process of hiring an app developer, consider the qualities an ideal app developer should have:

Experience: Mobile app developers should have experience designing apps for businesses similar to yours. If possible, take time evaluating apps the developer has already made to get an idea of their capacity.

Familiarity with industry standards: Make sure that the mobile app developer you hire has knowledge of the latest industry standards and customers’ choice. Producing an app that abides by industry standards and customer preference both helps improve initial performance and will make it easier to change and tweak the app interface in the future. 

Honesty in pricing: Price is an important part of any business decision. Some app developers are well-aware of the relative naivete of their clients.

Price-check every quote you receive. Searching only for the least expensive option may not be the best strategy, but don’t be gullible and overpay for the services of a developer.

Most of all, use the quoting process to gauge the honesty and integrity of developers. Those that provide fair, straightforward quotes are to ones you want to hire to develop your businesses app.

Hire the Right App Developer

With the right app, your business will improve.

So, avoid simple mistakes and consider the quality of individual app developers to have the right people working on your businesses app.

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