The Benefits of Software Testing and Consulting

By Niranjan Limbachiya / 22 November 2019

Software testing is crucial to launching a product that will perform well in crowded markets. Testing and consulting-focused companies possess the experience and perspective necessary to take products to the next level.

Now more than ever, customers are faced with a plethora of software choices. If they don’t like Option A for whatever reason (clunky interface, features with bugs) they can choose Options B, C, or D.

This increasing competition has made quality product development all the more important, and one way to ensure quality is through software testing and consulting.

Therefore, testing executives are always looking for fresh environments to expand into, including cloud computing, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.

In this post, we’ll look at how this booming testing industry can positively impact your company’s product development efforts.

What External Testing Can Bring to the Table

Companies invest a lot of time and cash into software testing, so they want to ensure they’re receiving valuable expertise, personnel, instruments, and leadership.  

Thankfully, there’s a simply way to ensure your company’s software testing experience is maximally beneficial.

External software testing

Rather than hiring and training testing experts internally, outsourcing testing leads to cost savings, less complicated operations, and greater concentration on key activities.

1. Experience

It takes a tester years to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to rapidly and professionally create excellent outcomes.

This is excellent news because it means businesses can improve their products and customers’ experiences. It also means that these experts traditionally specialize in testing, and thus, work for testing companies.  

They’re rarely found in businesses where they have to spend a majority of their time on other development tasks.

So, if you are looking to benefit from the advantages of excellent testing, consider external teams with specific experience in your sector.

Added Objectivity

An outside advisor is better able to ask difficult questions of stakeholders than internal subordinates or colleagues. This ensures that the project is consistent with the test plan.

For the same reason, problems and alternatives can be evaluated more accurately by an autonomous advisor than by an in-house resource.

While some internal resources may have deep experience in a single area, consultants are often exposed to a wider range of development business scenarios. This experience with comparable issues can be valuable when faced with an unusual problem.

Finally, out of fear, people tend to postpone giving bad news. An outside advisor can speak truthfully and timely with senior management if they spot issues.

Popular Trends In Testing

Testing is an essential component of product development, so executives are always looking for fresh methods.

A company's software testing methods should be versatile enough to keep up with evolving patterns. Here are two of the most popular testing trends:

Automated Testing

With the advancement of instruments, testing automation has become the norm instead of the exception.

Manual testing will not be substituted entirely, however, because it’s needed for certain kinds of apps and innovative alternatives.

automation testing

Nevertheless, testing automation excels at optimizing procedures and lowering expenses. Here at KiwiQA, it’s one of our many offerings.


UX is leading consideration when it comes to software development. Everything must operate seamlessly and intuitively for the consumer, or they’ll choose another product.

To account for this, testing has pivoted to focus more on UX improvements.

The issue is that few professional testing specialists have the expertise necessary. That’s why you should ensure your chosen testing partner has UX capabilities.

Agile Environment

Working in an agile setting implies greater flexibility, transparency, and effectiveness, as well as shorter release periods. All of these characteristics are vital to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

It is not surprising, then, that agile testing is growing in popularity.

Testers on flexible teams work closely with designers to discover alternatives and develop products that come as close to fulfilling consumers’ needs as possible.

Auxiliary Services of a Software Consultant

Beyond isolated product developments, software testing is also a part of a wider spectrum of services related to the growth of technology, IT, companies, and the worldwide workforce.

Many of these benefits are delivered via various kinds of consulting.

Reviews and Reporting

s you have a big project with a lot of investment behind it, you might consider partnering with a testing/consulting firm. They can provide useful feedback on customer demands, use cases, and test plans, as well other project documentation.  

Bringing in an outside resource typically helps discover gaps and inconsistencies in projects that might be missed internally.

Software Testing Life Cycle Development and Consulting

No software testing, QA activities, or project structure can exist without a suitable software testing lifecycle.

However, the most suitable lifecycle for your project/organization is not always easy to discover.

Testing companies can assist you in defining a life cycle for your project that also meets your testing requirements.

These types of companies normally consult on a project for a fixed amount of days per month (usually less than five) and concentrate their efforts on strategic areas including scheduling, test performance, and testing.

Testing Is the Key to Software Success

In my role as CEO of KiwiQA Services, I’ve learned first-hand how to manage risk and implement effective testing solutions.

While it may seem simpler to hire an in-house testing specialist, there are plenty of experienced testers working at external, testing-focused firms.

Additionally, outside resources bring a fresh pair of eyes to any project, increasing the possibility of bring to market an easy-to-use solution with an intuitive interface.

Finally, as if the testing-specific benefits aren’t enough, many testing firms also provide general development consulting and process evaluation.

These types of objective reviews and insights are critical to your success in a saturated software market.

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