6 Tips to Integrate YouTube into Your Small Business Marketing Plan

By Alexandra Reay / 27 February 2019

Video marketing on YouTube can be extremely valuable to your brand's success as video has become one of the best methods to engage people. Use these tips to effectively integrate YouTube into your marketing strategy. 

Why should you use YouTube to grow your small business?

On a global level, more than 1.9 billion logged-in users go to YouTube on a monthly basis. The platform receives billions of views every day. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have: videos have the power to engage people. 

Videos are an indispensable marketing tool, but, like any other marketing tool, you have to use them wisely. 

We suggest 5 important tips on how to use YouTube to help your small business grow.

1.    Plan What Videos You’re Going to Post  

You can’t just decide you’ll film today, set up the equipment, and roll. Filming doesn’t work like that. You need a plan, so you can create a uniform and recognizable channel. 

There are a few types of videos you can film:

  • Reviews of your products or services
  • Tutorials, which show how your users can benefit from the products or services you sell
  • Interviews
  • Screenshare videos (these are great if you’re selling software)

Once you decide on the video format, you’ll choose the topics you want to cover. Quora and Reddit are great sources of topics. You can see what questions your target audience asks. 

In addition, you can check out the videos of your competitors, so you can see what people discuss in the comments. If you see important questions, you can answer them through your own videos. 

Once you choose the topics, you must prepare a script for each video, so you’ll avoid going off-topic. You may even need to collaborate with a writing service, like Assignment Geek, so you’ll create focused content that engages viewers. 

2.    Invest in Proper Equipment

Low-quality videos won’t make a good brand impression on your audience. You want to show you’re very serious about this marketing tool. If the image or lighting is bad, it will distract the viewers from the actual content.

Remember to consider these elements when shooting a video: 

  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Camera
  • Editing 

These are all important elements you need to plan to create a good video, however, they can be expensive to get right. 

Also, if you decide to invest in a writing agency like Australian Writings to create a script for your video, you will also have that added expense.

You don’t have to get the most expensive equipment out there, but make sure the finished product looks professional.

3.    Make Your Channel Recognizable

Since you’re promoting a small business, you need your subscribers and viewers to associate your videos to the brand. As soon as they look at your channel or a video you produce, they should think of your brand. 

Customize your channel with a profile image that features your logo. Add your colors, links, and all relevant information about the brand. 

You can also design an intro that will mark the beginning of each video. Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s channel as an example of a YouTuber that creates good introductions. The introduction is not the same in every video, but you always hear her voice and see her name handwritten across the screen. 

Make sure your video content captivates users and ensures that your brand stands out from the rest. 

4.    Collaborate with Influencers

Are you able to contact popular YouTubers? Can you hire them to promote your brand?

Influencers are useful tools to market your videos to a large audience.

An influencer can either mention your products or services on their channel or you can invite them to be part of a video for your channel. The video may be in the form of an interview, a tutorial, or a full-length commercial. 

Influencers can spark engagement with viewers. 

Backlinko found that YouTube comments are an important ranking factor in the search engine. The videos that rank first tend to have the highest number of comments. Influencers can help you grow your audience and build a connection with your following.

Below the graph demonstrates how videos with more comments tend to have a higher ranking. 

Video Comments YouTube Graph

What does this tell us? 

You need to leave the comment section open and engage your audience there. When they ask questions, answer. When you see a discussion going on, support it with your insights. Actively talking with your consumer base makes your brand seem open and engaged with your customers. 

Influencers can initially capture user attention, but you must continue to connect with your audience to see long term success. 

5.    Integrate Great Calls-to-Action 

Whenever you watch YouTube videos, you usually hear that “like, comment, share, subscribe!” call at the end. It’s a call-to-action that takes the connection you've made with the viewer to another level.  

Ask your viewers to subscribe, but keep in mind that they won’t do it just because you asked. They will want to see high-quality content posted on a regular basis. If your channel offers value, they will respond to your call-to-action. 

You can also encourage users to watch more content if your video titles catch users’ eyes. The title of your video has to be descriptive, clear, and brief. It should contain a keyword that people would use to search for content of that type. You don’t have to get too crazy, just make sure the title is clear. 

Let’s check out the most popular YouTube channels of 2018:

YouTube Channels with Most Subscribers

PewDiePie is currently the YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers. Some of PewDiePie's video titles are: 

  • Genius needs to be stopped!
  • Mobile Ads NEED to be Stopped! (Important)
  • We broke a world record

These titles are simple, but also grab the viewer's attention. 

The description of the video should explain what the video is about and how people will benefit from watching it. 

It’s important to keep it short and clear. Use relevant keywords, since YouTube will pay attention to them when listing your video in the results.

If you want to best capture your audience’s interest, incorporate engaging titles, calls-to-action, and descriptions with relevant keywords. 

6.    Share Your Video Everywhere

An effective YouTube marketing strategy involves tons of sharing across all channels. 

You should share your videos on all your social media profiles and ask your employees to do the same. You can also embed the videos on your official website.

Make videos part of your guest blogging strategy. Take every opportunity to spread your content across the internet to maximize results. 

YouTube Is Highly Competitive But Can Have Great Results

Take a look at some of the top channels we shared above and study what these YouTubers do. The content is great, and the hosts share something on a regular basis. If you need help creating engaging content for your audience, hire a top digital marketing agency to support your vision. 

YouTube is a competitive environment with new videos shared every day. Give people a reason to watch your content. 


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