Interactive Features in Instagram Stories for Brands

By Rhonda Bradley / 05 September 2018

Make the most of your brand’s Instagram Stories by using these 4 interactive features. Learn how to increase your reach and engagement.

Launched in August of 2016, Instagram Stories recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and announced that 400 million Instagrammers use Stories on a daily basis.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a place to share photos and videos throughout the course of any 24-hour period. Stories are presented in a slide-show style format, and each Story disappears 24 hours after it begins.

According to Instagram, 39% of users have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram Stories.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the interactive features that make Instagram Stories so successful for brands, including:

  • Using location-based hashtags
  • Adding CTA’s in the form of clickable links
  • Featuring poll stickers to increase engagement
  • Adding questions stickers to start conversations

Instagrammers typically turn to Stories to discover 2 different types of content: unfiltered & authentic or playful & funny content. 

As a whole, users love the fact that Stories content disappears after 24 hours.

1. Use Location-Based Geotag Stickers

Adding a location-based hashtag to your brand’s Story serves more than one purpose.

For starters, it helps your business get seen by people who are searching within your local area.

For example, if your business is a pizza restaurant in Laguna Beach, California, you can add a location sticker tagged #LagunaBeach or #LagunaBeachPizza in into your image. This adds a sticker overlay to your image and activates geotagging.

In the image below, you’ll notice how Pottery Barn uses the location tag “New York, New York” in a story video.

Pottery Barn Instagram story

Location stickers help your story show up in feeds when people search for “pizza” in your area. 

Secondly, using a location-based sticker helps make your brand’s story more visible to people in your area. Your Story may show up in the suggested Stories content of other local Instagrammers.

2. Add CTA’s in the Form of Clickable Links

If your brand has over 10,000 followers or has been verified by Instagram, then you’re eligible to include clickable links in your Instagram Stories.

Clickable links can be used to drive traffic to your website, landing page, email subscription forms, or any website you choose.

In the example below, cosmetic company BoxyCharm include a clickable link at the bottom, a “See More” text link.

BoxyCharm Instagram story

Use clickable links to include CTA’s in your Stories that encourage users to interact with your brand beyond the platform.

If you don’t meet the criteria to add clickable links to Stories, try including a short text URL or directing viewers to the link on your profile. 

3. Feature Poll Stickers to Increase Engagement

Poll stickers can be a fun and interactive addition to Instagram Stories. Polls allow you to pose a question and offer multiple-choice answers for viewers to choose from when voting.

Most Story polls offer 2 answers to choose from. For example, in one poll, beverage company Red Bull asked followers “Should you Avoid Carbs?” Reader choices were “yes” or “no.”

In the image below, Netflix asks viewers “Which movie is this from?” and offers 2 options for them to choose from.

Netflix Instagram story

While poll stickers can be a way to crowdsource opinions, brands seem more likely to use them as creative conversation-starters.

Polls are an excellent way to draw viewers into fun conversations in your Instagram Stories.

4. Add Questions Stickers to Start a Conversation

Introduced on July 10, 2018, the Instagram Questions Sticker is another fun way to encourage interaction from your followers.

When you share a photo or video to your brand’s story, you have the option to add a “question sticker.” 

Readers tap the sticker to pose a question, which is seen in the image below. Then, you tap their question to respond to it.

Instagram question stickers

Add a question sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Type out your prompt then place it wherever you’d like and share it to your story.

Learn how to create your business's social media brand voice.

Use Interactive Features To Increase Engagement in Stories

Instagram has released many new features in 2018, most of which are designed to increase engagement and relationships on the platform.

Many of its interactive features are designed to work well with Instagram Stories, including location-based hashtags, clickable links, poll stickers, and question stickers.

Instagram’s rapid growth may have something to do with the fact that it makes a genuine, creative effort to bring people together. Most of its features are designed to encourage conversation on or off the platform.

Take full advantage of the features mentioned in this article to help improve your brand’s engagement across Instagram through Stories.

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