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Can a Bot Become a Social Media Evaluator?

Can a Bot Become a Social Media Evaluator?

Can a Bot Become a Social Media Evaluator?

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A social media evaluator looks after businesses’ activities on social media and reviews the performance of their posts. Could a bot do this job as well as a human?

Businesses with an online presence hire remote workers to evaluate their advertisements and social media feeds across various platforms. This person is known as a social media evaluator.

Although this position is obviously a human job, could a bot do the job, too?

What Is a Social Media Evaluator?

Many businesses with an online and social media presence have a powerful strategy. However, having a fool-proof social media plan alone is not good enough to get a real return from it.

This is why businesses hire a pair of eyes dedicated to keeping a regular check on their social media content, which includes posts, advertisements, campaigns, etc.

A social media evaluator is someone who looks after a business’s activities on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and reviews interactions and content performance in terms of audience reception.

If the content is not being viewed and shared, it shows that it's failing. A social media evaluator can help keep track of this and inform you when certain content is working well (or not).

How Do Companies Hire Social Media Evaluators?

The most popular company that provides social media evaluator jobs and probably the pioneer of this type of gig is freelancing platform Appen.

If you enter the search term “social media evaluator” with an extension of keywords such as “job,” “work,” “freelance,” “at home,” etc., you will see most of the search results are either from Appen’s own website or other web pages talking about Appen.

I searched “social media evaluator” on Google and looked for all results that contain the “Appen” in it, and here’s what I got:

"Social media evaluator" Google search

  • 5 web pages, a video, and 3 suggested search terms containing the word “Appen”
  • Several websites using Appen in their URL
  • 5 out of 8 search results about Appen

And this is only the first page of Google.

So, it’s clear that Appen dominates the social media evaluator market, and many companies depend on it. But is Appen the only option? Going even further, is hiring a human freelancer the only option?

Can a Bot Replace a Human Social Media Evaluator?

If you are looking for a bot to monitor your social media activity, keep an eye on your page views, and evaluate which posts perform better and which fall short, then the answer, for now, is no: A bot cannot replace a human social media evaluator with these activities.

There is no such technology (yet) to replace humans in this particular field.

But who knows what might happen in the next 5 or 10 years in the world of artificial intelligence?

A robot hasn’t yet developed enough to automate social media evaluation, but it can aid your social media evaluator.

Bots Can Help Human Social Media Evaluators Do Their Job More Efficiently

There are a few bots on the market that can post, send messages, and comment on your social media platforms just like a human does.

Most businesses looking for cheaper and more time-efficient ways of running social media opt for such service providers. However, posting content through a machine on behalf of your business can be risky.

Instead, what you can do is use a bot to optimize your social media by:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Sending automated messages and comments

That way, you at least have control over what’s going on.

How to Optimize Your Social Media With a Bot

A bot can help you streamline your social media and make it more efficient.

For scheduled posting across multiple platforms, I personally use HootSuite.


It has both free and paid versions, and both come with their own benefits.

In addition, for automated messaging and comment response on their social media pages, most businesses use chatbots for their customer support.

Chatbots are effective when a large audience is looking for answers, and your customer support agents aren't available all day long.

How Can Chatbots Help Social Media Evaluators?

Let's assume you are a clothing brand, and your business page constantly receives a large number of queries in the comments section about a particular women’s sweatshirt that ran out of stock.

Your Facebook Chatbot will pick common words found in these users’ comments and send them an individual response based on these keywords.

For example, Botsify is a platform that allows you to send auto-responses to your Facebook comments.

You can set up dozens of keywords that people already use or may write in their comments on your Facebook page’s posts.

When a user leaves a comment on any of your posts containing a keyword that you have set up a response to, your chatbot will send a private message to that user.

Below, you can see that as soon as a user commented, the keyword was already set up with an auto-response, so the chatbot sent the person a message:


This way, your social media evaluator will be able to assess the number of times users dropped a query or wrote a certain keyword. The evaluator will also be able to better recommend, for example, that you post more frequently about similar product options that people tend to ask about.

A bot can help streamline businesses’ social media strategies.

Bots Can’t (Yet) Replace Social Media Evaluators but Provide Good Support

Businesses benefit from social media evaluators who can work to better their social media strategies.

As of today, there is no bot that could do the job in place of humans. However, a bot can help bring traffic to your page and help you run your social media smoothly.

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