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How to Ace the Automation Game and Boost Your SEO

How to Ace the Automation Game and Boost Your SEO

How to Ace the Automation Game and Boost Your SEO

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This article unveils the power of AI and SEO, aiming to help marketers understand the potential of SEO automation and how it drives superior search performance.

According to the statistical data, one of the biggest online platforms, WordPress, witnesses almost 70 million posts each month that engage people in discussions with approximately 77 million comments collectively.

Despite the continuous efforts of marketers, the reality is that SEO takes time.

No matter how well-versed you are in the art of SEO; it is one of the many content marketing strategies that focus on delivering results in the long-term horizon. 

Use Digital Tools to Help You Manage Monitoring Efforts

Some of the processes of SEO can be sped up through AI-enabled automation. 

For example, several tools such as Ubersuggest, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are used for monitoring the SEO health of a website. These are quite popular tools that also use AI-enabled automation.

Additionally, these tools also provide insights and suggestions on ideation and potential domains for creating backlinks. 

SEMrush can help you monitor the SEO health of your website.

This is the perfect example of active marketing automation, showing the number of visits, unique visitors, page visits, duration, bounce rate, and traffic ranking for a site. 

The internet is massive with millions of active websites across the globe. It’s not possible for marketers to be constantly productive, and monitor and manage all of those sites in such a jam-packed environment. 

AI-enabled automation is the answer to these issues. 

Automate Processes Using AI

Marketing automation is the act of automating your marketing efforts with the help of intelligent technology. It is about optimizing the tasks, minimizing the execution time, and measuring the performance through AI.

Standard automation in your content marketing strategy and/or SEO can eliminate redundancies and reduce manual workload by making your processes more efficient.

This is only half the potential of automation as intelligent automation can deliver more than expected, including data analysis and support in decision-making processes. 

This is more than executing the assigned tasks — It is also about prioritizing and choosing the right method of execution.

Have a Positive Impact on Your SEO Strategy Through Automation

AI can collect and analyze datasets and big data which we manually accomplish on our own.

Not that the marketers are not capable of it but because it takes so much time and effort to be done.

AI uses layers of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and induces machine-learning process to perform smarter optimizations steered through predictive analysis, pattern recognition and evidence-based learning.

The next step is machine learning, which initiates deep learning from big-data sets. 

Apart from manual tasks such as site audits, competitive analysis, and monitoring tasks, AI has reshaped SEO and content marketing. It has taken up almost every aspect, from ideation to creating optimized content, and then promoting it to a niche market. 

This isn’t a new development in the market. The Associated Press has been using AI and automation since 2014 to write business news.

Today, AI-enabled automation is at a point where it can help organizations discover new business opportunities and make recommendations on attributes, optimizations, strategic CTAs, and topics by using the datasets as a basic framework.

Google is dedicated to AI-tech which is evident through interactive search results that focus on the search’s intent rather than just keywords and results. Google and other search engines acknowledge keywords almost similar to human intelligence and getting vastly different search results on similar keywords is a good example of that.

By typing one word into the search bar, Google’s AI will display various options to complete the search based on the keyword.


For example, typing “shirt” into the search bar conjures several options for the final result, including “shirt for men," “shirt design,” and “shirts for women." 

When planning keywords, keep in mind what the users search intent might be.

All of these options cause different search results to appear even though each is based on the same keyword. 

The collection and analysis of organic data derived from various sources is the reason for such high-intellect recognition. Google uses larger organic cards, quick answers, media, carousels, and many other types of results to cater to the needs of searchers.

Google’s Rank Brain algorithm continuously tracks searchers and listens to their specific needs, and identifies patterns in it. The analysis becomes near perfect in such a small amount of time that a searcher does not need to scroll to find the most relevant result. 

This exemplifies modern AI-enabled automation at its finest. Thus, SEO has to meet the standards and evolve accordingly. It has to move away from static websites, and focus more on implementing automation for high-quality content to appear and remain on top of the search engine results.

Optimize Your Content to Meet the Modern Standards of Automated SEO

Here is a look at how you can optimize your content to fit the mold of automated SEO.

Develop Your Content According to the Voice Search Tool

Content with a conversational tone that incorporates long-tail keywords easily appear on voice searches. Structuring specific content in a question-answer format may help you show up in instant voice searches, as AI considers these results as the best responses, in general.

Implement Voice-Search on Your Website

Voice searches are becoming mainstream with each passing day. You should attempt enabling voice-search in both your mobile app and the website. This is a hands-free convenience that offers amazing handiness and develops a sense of ease for your target and potential visitors.

Use Descriptive Text Efficiently

Audiences love images and videos but there are some limitations. Sometimes websites are not able to render this content due to bad connectivity or restricted cross-platform support.

Here, AI can help you create descriptive text and read it to the audience. It can also categorize the various types of content to improve your accessibility and SEO efforts.

Incorporate Automation in Your SEO Efforts

As of now, intelligent automation cannot replace human intelligence and it will need assistance at several stages for correction, strategizing, and decision-making. It’s up to us to determine where to implement the technology and how to use it efficiently for maximized benefits.

The idea of automation suggests that you cannot interact with every possible visitor once the traffic of your website or social media account passes a specific limit. Using automation in an ethical way helps you create and execute better SEO campaigns and build great client and consumer relationships.

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