5 Ways IoT Devices are Vulnerable to Cybersecurity

By Jayaram Bhat / 04 May 2020

Cybersecurity is a concern for every company. Learn how the internet of things (IoT) is especially vulnerable to access by hackers.

Now that the digital means of a business transaction has taken over the way every interaction both in business and personal lives are been undertaken, it is highly important and of utmost significance to provide a safe haven for all against the antics of cybercriminals.

here's how IoT devices are vulnerable to cybersecurity

This provision of the security that will give all and sundry enabling environment on the web pages is visible through IoT application development services.

IoT: The Basics

The internetworking of devices that connect to the Internet with the aim of exchanging data for useful purposes is referred to as the internet of things (IoT). The coverage is wide; just anything that you can think of which can be done on the Internet.

These devices that are so connected are known as smart devices. If you see a device with the prefix “smart” in front of it, it is a form of IoT technology.

1. Modern IoT Devices

The IoT device journey so far has witnessed some radical changes that call for cheer. A number of unique devices that are covered through the IoT now have the ability to communicate with each other in real-time. They provide in-depth analytical information and they have the ability to learn on the fly.

global number of connected IoT devices


The concept of IoT can be traced to the 1980s through the efforts of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. The IoT has come a long way with the emergence of the Internet of Things app development company. According to research from IoT Analytics, the number of IoT devices that are active is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2020 and 22 billion by 2025.

2. IoT Privacy

There is an endless amount of data on the cloud that is sensitive for every company and they will all desire that the information be kept secret. The competition for places among the different interests on the net has brought about the problem of poaching upon each other by the companies with the objective of gaining the advantage over each other.

There is also the issue of cybercriminals whose sole target is to steal the data and hack or compromise devices. This has brought the idea of getting the inputs of IoT application development services which will go a long way to ensure the security of data on the web.

3. The Increase in Connectivity

As at this moment, the number of people connected to the internet is lower than the things that we have on the web pages. By the turn of next year, it is estimated that about 50 billion such devices would have been connected to the internet.

increase in connectivity

Each of the connections is vulnerable to some degree from attacks from cybercriminals and competing brands that will do everything possible towards making sure that they get the better of their opponents. This is the reason why it is important for companies to build their security on the IoT rather than on the hardware of the device.

4. Lack of Security in Device

It has been observed through experiences that building the securing around the device will not produce effective results that will guarantee sound protection. If the security is built around the device, the introduction of new hardware into the system will give room to risks because the new device can easily be hacked into thereby compromising the entire setup.

For the best results, the focus should be on the system and not the hardware. Smart IoT application development services target the system and not the hardware and this is how best they can get the effective results that matter to provide sound security for data on the web.

5. Failing to Learn From Past Mistakes

Devices that will align interconnectivity with the internet should be developed so as to avoid the mistakes of the past and go on to beat the cybercriminals to their game. This is the reason why every IoT app development company should apply their creative best towards ensuring that what they deliver will go all the way to protect the interests of everyone on the net.

Looking at the trends, the best practice to getting the desired results on offer from the security outfits should be a shift from the users to the systems itself. A situation where the security is automatically controlled by the system will bring in more creativity which will be difficult to outwit. The warning against the incidence of cyber threats has been on for quite some time now. The reality has now dawned on us and there should be a reaction if we are to make the space safe for all.

Combat Top Security Problems IoT Security Problems Today

Lack of security and other issues are the reasons why IoT application development services are a must for your business. IoT has the answer to the main issues of cyber insecurity today.

The internet will not be safe from attacks launched by the criminals on the web if urgent attention is not given to IoT which will go a long way to stop the criminals in their tracks. The target should be on the system and not the hardware for desired effective results. IoT can easily be banked upon to provide the required shield needed in the cyberspace.

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