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5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for a Better Candidate Experience

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for a Better Candidate Experience

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for a Better Candidate Experience

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Potential job candidates may choose another position if they do not think they will fit in at the company. Make sure you offer a dynamic and easy application process to motivate recruits to say yes to a possible offer. 

The experience that your company offers to anyone who interacts with it is incredibly important. 

However, when we talk about this experience, we are generally referring to customers and the customer experience (CX). One important experience that many businesses fail to focus on is the one that it offers to potential employees.

The candidate experience can determine whether or not a talented job-seeker joins the team. Most candidates are going to base their impression of the company on the interactions they have during the hiring process.

Unfortunately, nine out of ten candidates report having changed their minds about working for a business after a negative experience, which is one of the major culprits behind rejected job offers.

In today’s hiring landscape, the majority of job seekers are going to find your business and apply through a website. Therefore, yours needs to make a strong first impression and offer a positive candidate experience right from the very beginning. 

Otherwise, you could be losing great talent before they even walk through the door for an interview.

Here are five simple ways to improve the candidate experience on your website.

1. Create a Simplified Application Process

Allowing candidates to apply directly through your website is a fantastic option. Applicants can rest assured that it is going directly into a company recruiter’s hands (or their inbox). 

It is crucial that this option is optimized for an easy application process. If a candidate runs into any issues, it could change their minds about applying for the position.

Candidates don’t want to spend hours of their time typing out the details of their experience when it is already listed on their resume. 

But just allowing customers to upload a resume online can be super frustrating for recruiters who have to sort through applications with different formatting and missing information.

The solution here is to find some middle ground. It is best to ask candidates to submit a properly formatted resume that includes all of the necessary information. 

To make this as easy as possible, it might be a good idea to recommend a resume template builder, like Resumonk, on your website application. 

Resumonk resume builder template

This will allow job seekers to upload their resume and import it onto a specific template.

This means that all of the necessary information will be filled out and recruiters will have a more standard set of resumes to sort through, making the qualification process easier.

 2. Make it Easily Researchable 

Candidates generally want to find out as much as possible about a company before taking the time to come in for an interview.

Most will spend at least an hour researching a business before filling out an application.

Make sure that your website is optimized for this type of research by including the kind of content that candidates will be looking for.

It is important here to incorporate company reviews and feedback so that candidates can get a better feel for the way you treat both customers and employees.

You should also highlight some of the aspects of your company’s culture, as this is heavily influential on a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer

Share photos of people working together in the office and post testimonials from current employees about their positive experiences with your company. 

This kind of information will be quite attractive to a candidate, and it could persuade them to pursue the opportunity further.

3. Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

We are all using our phones for so much more than just texting and talking these days. 

Research shows that more candidates are exploring and even applying to companies directly from their phones. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that your website is optimized for the same type of candidate experience on the smaller screen.

Businesses that are looking to hire should also take note in the shift to using social media as a recruiting tool.

More and more candidates are learning about job opportunities through social media and some companies are even allowing followers to apply directly on social apps.

While Facebook and Instagram allow you to embed links leading candidates to an application site, programs like Snaplications take things a step further.  

Snaplications recruiting tool

Through this tool, candidates apply a featured filter and film a short introductory video that is sent to the company as an invite for an application.

This creates a super engaging candidate experience from the start. Moreover, it is incredibly useful for brands that want to attract younger employees that also make up Snapchat’s biggest users: Millennials and Gen Zer’s.

4. Clarify Your Mission

Be sure that your website has a clear mission statement and explains why you do what you do. In general, most people want to work with a company that serves a purpose and makes them feel like they are making a real difference.

Additionally, if your business does any sort of charitable work, you can use this to attract candidates.

Talk about the ways that your company gives back, whether it be through employee volunteer work or donations to charity.

It is also important to highlight how your company supports its employees as well. Talk about the programs that are designed to help employees thrive and grow.

Whether this be 401K match programs, internal promotion strategies, or helping employees pursue further education, you need to showcase perks to the fullest extent. 

Remember, most candidates are looking for a job that will help them towards the next step in their career. Be sure to talk about the ways that your company can help them do just that.

5. Be Clear on What You’re Looking For

It is incredibly important that you do not waste candidates' time if they are simply not qualified for the position. 

Failing to be crystal clear on the job requirements will lead to frustration and a negative experience. Make sure that the candidate knows which skills, experiences, or educational courses are absolute non-negotiables.

Remember, soft skills matter just as much as hard skills, so be sure to mention the type of person that would best fit into both the role and the company culture. 

If the position requires a lot of collaboration, leadership skills, and the ability to work well with others, job seekers should know this ahead of time.

You may want to invite applicants to take an interactive assessment that will measure skill levels and their personality traits to see how strong of a fit they are. 

Recruiting systems like Hireselect from Criteria Corp create personalized assessments that measure hard and soft skills to offer both the candidate and recruiters with the data they need to make a strong decision.

Hireselect from Criteria Corp

Use a personality assessment to have a better grasp on what a candidate excels at and needs to work on.

Make sure to have an accessible and streamlined application for potential recruits so people complete the application process and don’t move on to other options. 

Make Your Website Appeal to Recruits

It is important that businesses looking to grow internally are focusing on the type of experience they are offering to their potential employees. 

Since your website is typically going to be the first place of interaction, every aspect of it must support a positive candidate experience. 

Make sure that applicants have all of the information and tools they need to learn about your company and they are supported along the way through the hiring process.

Consult with a human resources company to discover what recruiting process is best for your company. 


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