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How to Up Your Email Marketing Game to Drive More Conversions

How to Up Your Email Marketing Game to Drive More Conversions

How to Up Your Email Marketing Game to Drive More Conversions

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Is email marketing a lost cause? Not if you know what you’re doing. Sticking to basics and incorporating new digital marketing trends can actually boost your conversions. It all comes down to the amount of effort you’re willing to put into your email.

Last year’s Manifest survey showed that digital marketers across the U.S heavily relied on email marketing to boost conversions.

This proves that email marketing isn’t dead. Yet, most companies still struggle to make conversions via email because 71% of the time they’re sending emails that don’t resonate with the recipient. The remaining 29% of emails get delayed responses due to mismanagement and lack of tactical skills. 

However, you can navigate away from these less ideal returns. 

All you have to do is revamp your email marketing tactics to regain that customer base and get your marketing strategies back on track. 

Top 4 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Conversions

Email marketing can be an effective way to engage with customers and promote your products. Use these 4 email marketing tactics to encourage people to become loyal customers. 

Over the years, email marketing has evolved drastically, but there are some tried and tested techniques that still work. 

1. The All-Important Subject Line

We know that your copywriters are in a rush when they churn out new emails. But the need for speed and efficiency can’t justify boring subject lines. Why?

Look at this inbox:

Subject Lines in Email


Which one of these subject lines leaves an impression? The answer can vary according to your preference. For us, they all seem a bit mundane, but we think that Grammarly may win over the competition by throwing in the incentive of a discount.

Your customer’s inbox is already cluttered with lots of generic marketing emails. Your goal is to create a subject line that stands out in that dull crowd. 

You want to spark the recipient’s interest so that they halt mid-way through their daily scroll. If you achieve this then readers are bound to read the email.

Don’t believe us? Well, these statistics show that:

  • 35% of users open their emails solely based on subject lines
  • 26% emails with personalized headlines get opened
  • Sales emails receive 8 times more clicks that non-promotional emails

So what kind of subject lines are subscribers looking for?

  • Promotional ones that entice them
  • Ones the address them on a first name basis
  • Reminders that exploit FOMO (fear of missing out)

Our conclusion is that subject lines, headings, and sub-headings are super influential in your quest to woo the recipient.  That’s because they’re the first impressions that compel consumers to click the email.

2.  Strategic CTAs

Where do you place your call-to-action (CTA) buttons in your emails?

CTA placement plays a big role in how well they’ll work. It isn’t a big secret that CTAs bring in revenue because they trigger the reader to perform an action. 

This is why CTAs must be:

  • High on visibility 
  • Low on blatant marketing
  • Short and snappy
  • Hard to miss

The key here is to use them as a lynchpin that unites the body of the email.

If your content is promising enough then you can tempt readers to click that button. In short, strategically placed CTAs have a maximum impact on your click-through-rates.  

Take this example for instance:

Uber Marketing Emails

Notice the way Uber uses its emails to lure in loyal customers.  

The email starts off with a discounted offer for regular riders. It directly moved on to the details and then ends the mail with a casually positioned CTA.

What we love about this email is that:

  • It’s short and snippy
  • Usage of ‘grab’ as an action adds a sense of urgency and ownership
  • The color contrast makes it visible

Our suggestion is that you’ve got to fuel your CTAs with a sense of purpose, then subtly embed them in your emails without making it look like a gimmick.

In a nutshell, pioneers of email marketing really knew what they were talking about. It’s time that you start implementing these strategies into your email marketing campaigns.

3. Chatbots for the Win

Do you remember Microsoft Word’s office assistant Clippy

Clippy, Microsoft Office Digital Assistant

Clippy helped us out during a drafting crisis on Word. You might even say that he’s the oldest chatbot to collaborate with a company. We’re pretty sure that his presence had a positive impact on Microsoft’s consumer base. 

Flash forward to 2019 and virtual assistants are still lending a hand to businesses that are hoping to provide consumers with instant customer service.

Incidentally, chatbots have rapidly risen as the best sales advocates on your team. It is definitely one of the popular email marketing trends for 2019.

That’s because almost 50% of American consumers are willing to engage with a friendly robot. Your chatbots can boost sales through impulse buys and also clear up your customer service schedule by addressing inquiries at odd hours. 

But how do you add chatbots to your email marketing schemes?

Here are a few hints:

  • Use email subscription chatbots on your official websites. These guys will help optimize your micro-segmentation by asking potential subscribers about their content preferences. So that you’ll only be sending emails that’ll interest them.
  • Introduce your company’s chatbots via email. Then send frequent reminders from your friendly chatbots to the customer. Odds are they are more likely to open emails from a name they’re familiar with. 
  • Link your chatbots in the email. Timely emails with your chatbots will increase customer interaction with the company. You can utilize your chatbots to introduce them to a new product range and then instruct them further with a helpful FAQ session courtesy of your virtual salesperson.

Will this strategy work? Incorporating chatbots into your email marketing schemes is equivalent to sending off a salesperson to someone’s door. The only difference is that these sales pitchers operate on artificial intelligence.

Pro tip: Take your chatbots for a trial run by investing in an email marketing service that can feed in the right algorithms that indulge your customers.

4.  Experiment With Enticing Visuals 

Always play with visuals. People now have short attention spans, so you can’t expect them to go through clunky emails like this one:

Fitbit 10 Year Anniversary Email

Why doesn’t this email work?

Fitbit might win over readers by producing an authentic and charming copy. But sometimes statistics and clear-cut content don’t work.

We feel that this email would have really made a greater impact if they marked the anniversary celebration with a short reel or video showcasing their decade long relationship with the customers. 

As the age old saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case, the only images we’re seeing are of the co-founders. This email might not be the best way to thank customers. 

In comparison, Twitter offers a better email example:

Twitter Email Example


Why does this email work?

Following their short and sweet protocol on content, Twitter celebrates its relationship with us in this sweet message. It might be simple but the cute visual and precise text is highly appreciated by recipients.

Incorporate visuals that will capture your audience's attention to create an effective marketing email. 

Make Your Email Marketing Effective

Email marketing is still about generating numbers. The only problem is that you’re investing in the wrong methods. So instead of churning out emails that dangerously trend towards spam, you must pursue the audience with more thoughtfulness.

In the end, email marketing has a long courtship with digital marketing, which is why we want you to stay on board. If you have questions, consult with an experienced email marketing agency.  

Reactivate your email conversions with a nice blend from these old and new marketing trends.

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