6 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Crowdsourcing

By Marco Mijatovic / 12 February 2019

Social media makes it easy for businesses to connect with their audience, crowdsource ideas, collect more authentic reviews, and troubleshoot design flaws. 

Social media platforms, forums, and instant messaging services have turned the entire web into one huge social network. 

At First Site Guide, we see this as an opportunity for businesses to capture audience engagement and feedback without the use of software. 

Here are 6 ways to maximize on the crowdsourcing opportunities available to you through social media. 

Generate More Ideas

After designing a new product or service, you need to decide how to market it on social media. You can generate a more diverse range of ideas through crowdsourcing without having to rely solely on research. 

For example, if you want to start your own blog you also need to think about its content, themes, topics, and tone. 

You can gauge what your audience’s interests and concerns are by revisiting your social media posts or previous blog posts and scouring through the comments. You can also engage directly with your audience by starting a conversation around your content. 

If you want to increase your engagement rate, you can always spice it up by offering rewards to the winners. You can also crowdsource for ideas relating to other areas of your business. 

If you are starting a business and need a logo, you can hire a designer or you can organize a logo design contest in order to get more ideas for your logo. 

Designers can start a logo design contest to crowdsource ideas for a logo.

Crowdsourcing isn’t limited to generating ideas for your blog posts; you can use this strategy to crowdsource ideas for anything your business might need, opening windows of opportunity. 

Collect Better Product Reviews 

Thanks to anonymity, most consumers feel no restraints when it comes to expressing their opinion and sharing their experience online. This level of honesty is valuable, but it’s difficult to obtain in direct conversations or through quick surveys. 

To get more valuable feedback, you can go through the product reviews on your official website and your resellers’ websites. 

Another way to collect more valuable feedback is to extend your search to popular YouTube reviewers, influencers on Instagram, and websites specializing in product and service reviews and ranking.

These campaigns are more promotional in nature but can help get your product introduced to a wider audience if included with a review from a niche professional. 

This means that their comment section will be filled with reactions to their review and your product. You’ll get feedback and reviews from people who have experience with your brand and people who tried your product thanks to the influencer’s review. 

For example, Angry Joe is a YouTube game reviewer with over 10 years of experience and each of his clips get around 200k views. 

He has built his personal brand around being objectively critical and a little intense in his review of games.

Those who send him games to try can use his review and the reactions of his followers to collect feedback on specific games. 

This type of proactive social listening can help you find flaws in your designs, product functionality, ease of use, and service quality.

It is already applied in brand monitoring, where it is used to discover the general audience’s attitude towards a brand.

Make Strategic Decisions Using A/B Split Testing

Delivering the best user experience in web design possible should be every online business’s top priority. Using A/B split tests can help you determine which design yields the best results. 

In the A/B split test, A, the control, would be the company's existing website and B, the "challenger," would be the alternative design. 


 A/B split tests can help you determine which design is most effective and user friendly.

An A/B split test is a type of experiment that is particularly useful for businesses who want to increase conversion rates on a website because it is the only way to include their audience in the decision-making process. 

WallMonkeys conducted an A/B split test that resulted in a 550% increase in conversion

First, they updated their homepage by replacing the landing page photo and its stale stock photo vibe with an image that showed off their product. This resulted in a 27% conversion increase. 

Wallmonkeys used an A/B split test when redesigning their homepage.

Then, they replaced their slider with a search bar, thinking that customers would be more interested in searching for specific products. This change pushed them to the 550% conversion increase. 

Wallmonkeys closely monitored audience feedback through key performance indicators (KPIs), such as cart abandonment, conversion, and bounce rates. 

You should closely monitor these numbers throughout the A/B test so you know what needs to be adjusted.

It can be difficult to run A/B split tests if you have little or no traffic which is why you can crowdsource these tests. This is especially important for companies that want to run A/B tests before their official launch. 

Alternatively, you can ask your customers what would they like to be changed, added, or removed after the testing is complete through newsletter requests or social media. 

This will speed up the split testing process and deliver higher-quality results. 

Increase Referrals

Ensuring your existing customers are satisfied increases chances they’ll recommend your company to others; getting more referrals is the ultimate goal of every business model and crowdsourcing can help. 

By analyzing feedback, you can decide what needs to be improved, added, or removed from your customer service strategy. 

Product reviews, brand mentions, and online reviews are not always enough. Talk with your sales representative and go over the customer support logs to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how they experience interacting with your company. 

Troubleshoot Design Flaws

Running tests to troubleshoot design flaws can help you deliver the best possible user experience and avoid frustrating your customers. 

Whether you use an online website or a cloud-based service, there are going to be flaws that might cost you. 

These costs can be avoided if you recruit as many people as possible during the beginning phases to test the design and fix flaws before it goes to market.

Design flaw testing is already implemented regularly in the software and web development industry. 

Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to test something before it hits the market and, in return, you will get the feedback you need to make your product or service more user-friendly.

Fundraise Using Crowdfunding

One way to gauge whether or not your project is worth your time and effort is to see if people are willing to invest money in it. 

Crowdfunding is a popular online fundraising solution and there are already several websites specialized in crowdfunding, such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. 

This will create a discussion about your project idea and is a resourceful way to further discover flaws in your plans and designs. 

Kickstarter, for example, has a comment section where people can leave comments about the project after they join with a pledge. 

In most cases, people comment to give praise and show support, but sometimes they will point out something that bothers them or have suggestions on how the product could be improved. 

Keeping the conversation going is very important for any crowdsourced project and it is important that people feel like they’re part of the project. 

Crowdsourcing Can Enhance Your Online Presence

Entrepreneurs and businesses should consider crowdsourcing as a way to enhance their online presence and extend their brand’s reach. 

By taking advantage of the data you collect from your audience, you can make more strategic decisions and minimize risks.


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