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9 Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

9 Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

9 Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Take advantage of social media, paid ads, retargeting, analytics, and more with the right tools. Uncover audience insights, content strategies, and better ways to achieve your marketing goals.

Entrepreneurs are starting to realize the advantages of digital marketing automation in their business. More and more companies are adopting this technology to save their advertising budget and improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

From time to time, tools are being made to ease this kind of marketing, especially you do not have the time or knowledge to handle the digital promotions, 

Here is a list of some great tools to make online marketing simple for your business.

Top 9 Tools for Digital Marketing Success

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Woobox
  3. Facebook Ads Manager
  4. Twitter for Business
  5. Retargeter
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Kissmetrics
  8. Adobe Analytics
  9. Zendesk

Organic Social Media Tools

A social media ad that doesn’t use any paid promotions to reach people is called organic social media. With this kind of post, you can build a connection with your audience solely through your content. 

That means you need to thoughtfully prepare your ads to get it to the audience. Sprout Social and Woobox can assist you with organic social media advertising. 

Sprout Social Is Your New Social Media Dashboard

Sprout Social is your computerized social media manager. It lets you engage your audience, learn their behavior, and measure your performance across eight platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, and TripAdvisor.

sprout social social media dashboard tool

It collects actionable insights and trends from social data and help in social listening. When you know the preferences of the viewers, you can improve your multi-platform marketing strategy.

Sprout Social also lets you organize your posts and schedule them for later. Combine all your messages from various social channels on a single inbox so you can respond to them all at once. Using your dashboard’s metrics, you can make changes to your posting pattern to improve your effectiveness.

Woobox Elevates Your Promotions

Woobox helps you to carry out contests, giveaways and other exciting offers for social media users. You can choose from five options with different features to suit your needs.

woobox social media promotion dashboard tool

The campaign generator can handle coupons, polls, quizzes, and seven other types of campaigns. You can post these campaigns as a pop-up or a microsite on your website or your social handles. 

Woobox also lets you collect forms, messages, comments, hashtags and other interactions to the campaigns. Using this too, you can manage viewers’ submissions and turn it into data that can maximize your returns in future campaigns. It even lets you sketch a layout for your next ad based on your findings.

The Woobox tool has great templates available for any kind of campaigns. You can customize the design and language to fit your needs as well. Not only can you send these campaigns as emails to bring receipients to a landing page, but you can also embed them as mobile-friendly posts in your blogs. 

Paid Social Media Tools

Paid ads reach more people than organic ads, and the PPC method of social media marketing is a cost-effective way to get started. You only pay if a viewer interacts with your post. That way, you can reach your target audience niche while avoiding excess charges.

To help you, check out two of the best tools to manage paid social marketing.

Facebook Ads Manager Takes Care of Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Ads Manager manages your sponsored posts on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Here, you can create the ad, choose where and when it will post, and review its performance.

Facebook ads manager tools

There are other options available to increase your ads’ flexibility and reach. You can select the content’s objectives, target audience, and total budget. The tool also lets you edit multiple ads in bulk. There are options for pausing, copying, and relaunching any paid campaign as well.

Facebook Ads Manager’s reporting tools help you see how well each ad is performing. The dashboard can spot trends and suggest adjustments in images, budget, or target audience for better reach. 

Two options for ad creation are available:

  • Guided creation: a step-by-step guide for new users
  • Quick creation: for experts and advanced users

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can manage your paid ads wherever you are, without any time boundaries. It even let review ads on desktop, mobile devices, or your Instagram feed.

Twitter for Business Makes the Most of Twitter

With Twitter for Business, you can discover the right kind of ads for your company. The Twitter Promote Mode enhances your advertising efforts at a very affordable price. It enables your tweets to reach a specific audience that has the most relevance to your sponsored content.  

twitter for business promotions and advertising

You can reach as many as 30,000 additional Twitter users and earn new followers easily with a negligible monthly fee. Making personalized posts is easy with the targeting options like:

  • Language targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • Interest targeting
  • Behavior targeting
  • Tailored audience targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Geographical targeting

Analytics will help you learn how your audience interacts with your tweets and any particular tweet affects your business. Twitter for Business gathers statistics monthly and highlights top-performing posts as well as the most relevant influencers to best promote your services.

Display Retargeting Tools

Have you come across ads that follow you around from sites you’ve visited previously or have made a purchase from? This kind of promotion is called retargeting, and it’s a useful way to get customers back to a business’s site. Take advantage of it through ReTargeter.

ReTargeter Gives Website Visitors A Second Impression

With retargeting, companies can convince 98% of the website visitors who do not convert at the first go. ReTargeter offers six different ways for businesses to start retargeting their audience.

retargeter audience retargeting tool

With Site ReTargeting, companies can reach those people that have left the site without making any calls to action like buying or filling a form. CRM ReTargeting can help you manage a customer relationship with an audience that hasn’t responded to your ads.

Want to reach users who’ve searched for your products? Engage them through Search ReTargeting while they’re still browsing online. Contextual Targeting will help you to send a site-related message to any viewers. Lastly, Audience Targeting lets you perform targeted marketing for highly specific audience groups

Each method lets you customize your retargeting strategy to a wide variety of prospective leads. You can choose the size of these groups according to your budget and style, and you can use the Insights dashboard to learn exactly how your campaigns are performing. 

Website Analysis Tools

Keeping an eye on your SEO is essential. It is important to know the actions that visitors make on your website, ranging from clicks to conversions to search rankings.

Google Analytics Tells You (Almost) Everything About Your Site

Google Analytics is the one of the best analytics tools available on the internet. It offers five features and is completely free to all users.

google analytics website insights

Traffic reports will tell you the number of people visiting your website. You can track conversions for your contact form submissions, e-commerce sales, or phone calls. Using its keyword tracker, you can learn what search terms people use to reach your website. You can also check third-party referrals to see which websites drive traffic to your webpage. 

Finally, the dashboard will let you organize the most important reports for your site. You can export the reports and download them as PDFs for easy sharing and printing. 

Kissmetrics Dissects Your Campaigns 

Kissmetrics allows you to gather data to increase your engagement and make your retention better. 

kissmetrics data gathering

Using its metrics, you can learn your market behavior and the right ways to convert viewers into buyers. Kissmetrics lets you see campaign interactions besides opens and clicks, helping you better understand your audience segments. 

With this insightful data, you can:

  • Engage customers with targeted emails and Facebook posts. 
  • Send engagement-driving content at the most active times to get the most participation. 
  • Learn what makes the customers happy to retain loyal clients. 

Kissmetrics can help you craft posts that get more conversions than ever before

Adobe Analytics Adds Predictive Analytics

Adobe Analytics can deliver the most accurate customer insights with artificial intelligence. 

adobe analytics

This platform collects data on:

  • Who is coming to your website
  • Why they are coming
  • What they are looking for 
  • The best page or product to show them

Using predictive analytics, you can analyze customer data and find patterns that help you predict future behaviors. This will reduce any waste of resources and avoid marketing to the irrelevant audience. 

Adobe Analytics can also offer web analytics, marketing analytics, and attribution, letting you gather, keep, and report your information from a central location.

Customer Service Tools

Online customer interactions on websites and social media are increasing day by day. You lose a lot if you cannot reply to these customers as quickly as possible.

Zendesk Organizes Your Customer Communications

Zendesk can provide customer assistance over phone calls, chats, emails, social media, and any other digital channel in a single platform.

zendesk customer support

This smart self-service tool reduces your support costs by tracking, prioritizing, and solving complaints or queries. Live chat gives customers attention fast, while call center software aids agents in solving customer inquiries over the phone.

Tools Make Digital Marketing More Efficient

Use these tools to craft an awesome experience for your customers as well as reduce your time, money, and energy spent on marketing. Engaged viewers can convert into potential customers, and happy customers can become regular buyers. 

To go a step further, you can hire a digital marketing agency to lighten the workload for you, netting you more customers and higher profits.

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