9 Visual Content Marketing Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

By Rhonda Bradley / 21 June 2018

Improve your visual content marketing with 9 tips on how to enhance your visual content so your brand gets noticed.

Visual content marketing refers to all types of visual media used in content marketing. The term encompasses all forms of visual media, including:

  • Infographics
  • Data visualization
  • Interactive content
  • Images and photos
  • Videos
  • Presentations

In an age where nearly everyone is competing for attention through the use of images and videos, how can you be sure yours will get noticed?

In this article, we’ll show you some of the creative techniques companies use to create visual media that stands out, including:

  • Infographics
  • Quote cards
  • Image and text combinations
  • Infographic-style design for non-data visuals
  • Data visualizations
  • Original artwork
  • Interactive content
  • Images and photos
  • Trending elements

Here are tips you can use to improve these 8 different types of content.

1. Create Infographics That Combine Data with Copywriting Techniques

Infographics are a visual way of presenting data or information. They help to simplify complicated information and make “dry” topics more compelling.

An IBCW study, “The State of Infographics 2017,” found that consumers prefer infographics over commercials, presentations, articles, and blog posts

Make your infographics stand out by applying basic copywriting techniques, including:

  • Benefits: Let readers know how they’ll benefit from your product or service before you list product details.
  • Empathy: Relate to  your readers by showing that you understand the problems they’re struggling with.
  • Problem-solving: Tell readers how your product can solve the problems outlined in your “empathy” section.

For example, Expedia’s “12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation“ includes all 3 of these techniques. 

The infographic opens with empathy by posing the question “How hard are we working?”  

Then, the first section includes survey responses from workers who say they feel stressed out but can’t take time off work.

Expedia infographic part 1

Next, they describe the benefits of vacations.

Expedia infographic part 2

The infographic goes on to pose problems and solutions, in reverse format: solution first, followed by the problem.

Expedia infographic part 3

Expedia’s done a wonderful job of combining data and copywriting techniques with appealing artwork.

2. Use Quote Cards to Achieve Multiple Goals 

There are many ways to create engaging infographics that don’t include data. One of the ways to do this is with quote cards.

In business, quote cards can be used to:

  • Reinforce your company mission
  • Educate readers
  • Create humor
  • Form a connection

To make your quote cards stand out, try to meet 2-3 of the above goals with each card.


For example, the Grammarly quote card below incorporates both education and humor to form a connection.

Grammerly quote card


3. Combine Images with Text and Graphic Elements

Another way to present visually appealing information is by combining text and images in a way that pops. This helps you get noticed in feeds and on social media.

In the example below, Socially Sorted combines an image with headline text, for an eye-catching start to a blog post.

Socially Sorted image

Below is another example of how to combine text and images for standout visuals.

LinkedIn’s Rachel Diamond uses a combination of standard and hand-drawn text, plus sticker graphics, to create a fun image out a photo that might otherwise be ignored.

LinkedIn image post

The extras do more than just improve the visual. She’s used them in a way that also reinforces LinkedIn’s mission by circling the “Connect to Opportunity” on someone’s t-shirt.

4. Use Infographic-Style Designs for Calendars, Guides, and Tips Sheets

Use infographics to present calendars, tip sheets, and guides that people love to download and share.

In the image below, Rebecca VanDenBerg Web Services includes an entire year of marketing ideas in one calendar, shared to Pinterest.

Marketing planning calendar


Below is another way she uses an infographic style with a tip sheet.

Infographic style tip sheet


5. Use Data Visualizations to Share Statistic-Heavy Reports

Data visualization is a way of looking at data through images instead of numbers. If you have a large amount of data to present, this is one way to present a compelling graphic that simplifies the data.

Analytics Vidhya is an analytics learning site that uses data visualization graphics frequently. In the example below, they’ve compiled data from Jimi Hendrix concerts to form a stunning visual.

Analytics data visualization


Consider improving your large data presentations by turning them into colorful visualizations.

6. Include Original Artwork to Create a Memorable Connection

Creating high-quality original artwork, or turning images into artwork, can be a highly-effective way to make your content more memorable. 

In the example below, Bill Gates’ newsletter, GatesNotes, uses artwork instead of an image to boost the visual presentation of what might otherwise be an ordinary photo. 

Bill Gates newsletter image


The whimsical style lets the reader know this is a light piece that anyone can enjoy reading.

7. Try Interactive Content to Boost Engagement Rates

Interactive content is one of the best ways to create visuals that inspire engagement. There are many types of interactive content, such as: 

  • Polls and surveys
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Call-to-Action (CTA’s)

HubSpot marketing is a good example of how a company can incorporate interactive material into tutorials. 

In the example below, they begin one course with an interactive CTA. It offers readers the choice of watching the course introduction or getting started right away.

HubSpot course example

Once inside the course, HubSpot includes interactive elements in each lesson. In the image below, you’ll notice they’ve included four different interactive elements on one screen:

  • Tabbed content
  • A call-to-action
  • Lesson selections
  • A poll

HubSpot interactive tutorial

This keeps students engaged and offers multiple ways to access more information.

Philips Interactive Media uses interactive videos to create promotions that are fun and entertaining.

Philips interactive video


For example, clicking on one of the shave style options in the video jumps the user ahead in the video, so they can see the results.

Reveal based marketing is a gamified style of visual content that rewards users with a special discount or more content. It requires viewers to interact in order to reveal a discount code.  

Games, puzzles, and motion are some of the ways users can interact with this reward-based media.

According to Adweek Magazine, the interactive Macy’s ad shown below had a 921% interaction rate on Facebook. Users spent an average 3+ minutes interacting with it. 

Macy's interactive ad

More than 20% of users visited Macy’s site after interacting with the ad.

8. Take Your Own Pictures Instead of Using Stock Photos

A Nielsen Norman study examined heat maps to determine what types of images people are most drawn to. The findings revealed that people are drawn to authentic photos that include faces.

The study showed that stock image photos with people in them are largely ignored. But, real photos of people that work for your company, even if they don’t look professional, gain the most attention. 

For example, Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, frequently includes real photos of people in his social media posts.

Richard Branson Linkedin Post 2

Viewers are drawn to original photos, even if they’re not perfect images.

9. Include Trending Elements in Your Images

Trending elements are a great way to capture attention and form a connection. 

One such trend is puppies. According to The Outline’s Culture Blog, dogs are officially the (new) favorite animal of the internet

The image below shows how GatesNotes uses puppies to catch attention for all its blog posts, regardless of the topic.

GatesNotes and puppies

Improve Your Visual Content to Make Your Digital Marketing Stand Out

Visual content does more than capture attention. It’s also been known to improve learning and retention by up to 400%. So, the better your visual content marketing, the more likely your audience is to remember the message.

According to a survey of over 500 marketers, the largest percentage of businesses’ goals include creating more visual content and more original content.

Combining elements like images and text, or adding interactive media, can make your visual content more successful. Data visualizations, original artwork, and authentic photos also help improve your content marketing.

Use some of the tips above to enhance your content marketing and create eye-catching visuals for social media and blog posts.

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