How to Delight Your Online Customers with Amazing Service Experience

By Rahul Garg / 29 October 2019

Wowing customers with amazing customer support has become a crucial task for businesses, and their longevity depends on it. We turn to call centers to see how your team can incorporate successful service tactics.

Brick-and-mortar (MNC) businesses are facing a hard time because customers’ preferences are mainly focused on online shopping. That’s why the number of online businesses is multiplying with every passing day.

Besides, crafting an amazing shopping experience, it is paramount to ensure that customers don’t have a hard time while seeking support.

This factor cannot be overlooked. It’s easy for one negative experience to turn into a host of negative reviews online. Needless to say, bad reviews spread faster than good ones.  

To make sure that customers never rate their service experience as negative, MNCs mostly opt for call center outsourcing. However, you can also support your online customers by yourself if you remember these following tips.

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Customer Service

  1. Communicate information clearly
  2. Use the right language
  3. Respond quickly to customer inquiries
  4. Adapt to negative reviews
  5. Offer consistent service across all channels

1. Provide Clear Information

The difference between offline and online shoppers is “The hurry of availing desired resolutions.”

What I mean by that is customers who prefer online shopping always expect speedy support service since they’re used to getting things quickly. After initiating a service interaction, customers seek clear information so that inquiries related to placed orders can be resolved swiftly.

Plus, there is no point in keeping customers in the dark as they will raise the same query over and over. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that repeat service requests hamper customer service operations.

Therefore, if you want to delight customers while handling support operations, always be prepared to deliver clear information. Or you can outsource your needs to a call center to keep things simple.

2. Use the Right Language

Whenever customers get in touch with a brand, they expect to be respected and to participate in a meaningful dialogue. Customers deserve respect, whether they’ve approached the brand during the buying process or are seeking support after-sales.

Companies running an in-house call center often face backlash because their agents don’t treat customers properly. When you make customers feel disvalued, bad reviews not only rise but also amplify the rate of customer defection.

Companies that opt for call center outsourcing always enjoy positive word-of-mouth-marketing because their service provider makes sure that customers leave with a splendid support experience.

So how do reputed call centers enrich a customer’s service experience?

Leaving a positive impression on customers isn’t tough as small efforts are enough to deliver an enriched support experience. You have to provide information in a way that’s appropriate to customers.

provide clear information in right language

Here’s what eminent call center service providers do during customer interactions:

  • Support agents greet customers properly at the start of the call.
  • They quietly listen to what customers have to say before making a move.
  • Agents give proper conclusions to ensure that the customer’s issue is resolved.

A great call center experience is built on using the right language.

3. Respond Promptly

Whenever customers engage with support agents, they want all of their questions answered promptly. From the business’s point of view, offering swift resolutions is imperative as late responses will only make customers angrier. This, in turn, is sure to complicate the whole situation.

While it’s understandable that intricate issues take time to be resolved, you can’t use this fact as an excuse when providing resolutions.

To make sure that you don’t turn customers off during service interactions, it’s instrumental to prepare strategies that will guarantee quick resolutions. Here’s how prestigious call center service providers ensure instant resolutions:

  • Service agents leverage a common knowledge base to weed out complicated issues.
  • Service agents undergo comprehensive training to ensure instant resolution to basic issues.
  • Call recordings are monitored with the goal of identifying unknown complicated issues.
  • Pertinent information gets updated in the CRM system so that agents don’t spend as much time when resolving the same snag next time.

If you are running an in-house call center, I strongly recommended that you look at established third-party customer care service providers take a leaf out of their book. 

4. Take Negative Reviews on the Chin    

For business owners, a bitter pill to swallow is that you can’t make every customer happy while handling customer service operations. In those cases, the same rules still apply: you need to respond promptly and take negative reviews on the chin.

take negative reviews on the chin

Instead of losing heart, learn from the feedback. Negative reviews are opportunities to improve the quality of your support services.

Brand detractors will always unveil factors that affect service interactions negatively. Therefore, if you study your customers’ negative feedback and rectify hidden ambiguities, you are likely to win their loyalty back.

The secret behind best-in-class call center outsourcing companies is that they pay heed to every single bad review. They then revise their customer support strategies.

5. Be Consistent Across Channels

Maintaining a high consistency while running customer service operations is extremely important because there is no guarantee that your online customers always choose a live-chat support medium.

On the off chance that your customers feel that you’re not rendering the same level of support solutions on all service channels, they may start restraining themselves from buying from your brand.

Make sure that your support channels all receive the same level of service, whether that’s through live chat, telephone calls, or social media comments.

Amazing Customer Service is Crucial for Successful Businesses

To put things briefly, businesses should aim to create a robust, multichannel support experience. This means using the right tone and language to address customers, remaining responsive to customer needs, and taking criticism with grace.

Customer service can still be a time-consuming task for some. If you think that investing in an in-house solution might affect your business’s bottom line, consider call center outsourcing. Using the right call center can be an effective way of ensuring customer happiness without going out of budget.

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