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How to Choose the Right App Development Contractor

How to Choose the Right App Development Contractor

How to Choose the Right App Development Contractor

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Finding a trustworthy partner for your app development process will turn your idea into a fully realized application. 

Choosing the best contractor for your mobile app development project isn’t easy. It demands elaborate pre-planning and careful analysis. 

Today the internet is bursting with various software engineering companies that provide app development services. 

At SENLA, we have delivered many projects for hundreds of clients, and many of them have described how problematic it is to find a suitable mobile app development partner. 

According to a survey by Clutch, 42% of small businesses have a mobile app and 28% say they built the app to attract new customers. 

Statista says the mobile app market is set for a 385% growth rate through 2021

Mobile app market set to grow 385% through 2021

That is why building an app is more of a must than a choice in today’s business.

This article will explain steps every business owner should take to hire a trusted contractor for mobile app development in 2019

Core Steps for Choosing the Right Contractor for Mobile App Development

The right contractor can be essential to the success of your app development. You must find a partner who understands your vision and can execute your idea well. 

Below are the core steps to choosing the best mobile app developer for your business. 

1. Define Your Mobile App Requirements 

To avoid misunderstandings about what you want in your app, you need to clearly explain your requirements to your contractor:

  • Describe what your app does and how it will help users
  • Explain how the user will interact with this app
  • Present examples of existing apps like it
  • Write specifications for the project and what features to prioritize 

Clearly defining your vision for your mobile app will prevent miscommunication and wasted time. 

2. Look Through the Companies’ Portfolios Thoroughly

You are looking for a mobile app development partner and decide to Google your options. You type “mobile app development services” into the search bar and within seconds you have a thousand results. 

How are you supposed to choose among all of them? You ask yourself: “How and where am I going to find the most suitable contractor for my project?” 

Use verified directories like the ones on to find partners with lots of experience and reviews. 


Directories can provide a lot of information about the software company you’re exploring, including:

  • Services and main focus
  • Technical expertise
  • Minimum project size
  • Average hourly rate
  • Number of employees
  • Foundation date
  • Ratings 

Most importantly, you have the opportunity to read company reviews from customers. 

These can give some insight into whether the company is reliable and has the experience you need.

Check which development methodologies potential partners use for mobile app development since there are always pros and cons. 

Look for companies who have experience developing similar apps in your industry. 

3. Meet Time, Budget and Scope Criteria

Time, money, and scope of resources are significant concerns for both parties. 

Every business owner wants to have a product delivered fast, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.

But price shouldn't be your main criterion in choosing a mobile app developer. Your objective is to get a high-quality product that will meet your business needs after it’s launched. 

Don’t forget to ask potential partners questions such as: “How do you calculate price? Should I pay only one time or make regular payments? Will any extra costs occur during the development process?”

Your contractor needs to estimate the timeline of a project to clearly determine the cost. 

You should examine whether the development company is available to work on multiple projects at one time. Don’t hesitate to ask: “How many projects are you currently involved in? When will our project be finished? Are there dedicated resources available to work on our project?” 

During this interview process, the two parties should provide full transparency and follow a well-defined scope of work.

Things to consider when hiring a mobile app developer


If timeline, budget, and scope are aligned with the contractor’s capabilities, the processes should be estimated correctly, and you should receive successful results. 

Interview a potential partner thoroughly, so you better understand the company and how it fits your business approach. 

4. Get to Know A Potential Company’s Customer Service 

The mobile app development process always involves long-term cooperation. 

It is crucial to choose a company with solid customer service that will support you during the full development process. 

If your focus is on selling the mobile app instead of making it valuable for your customer, you may fail. 

Successful companies know the value of their customers and they never hesitate to offer advice or assistance about the app development process. 

The customers of such companies can rely on the developer being available any time or day and can count on good support even after the product release. 

5. Evaluate the Level of Involvement and Communication  

Smooth and transparent communication is a core requirement. 

You should evaluate the level of involvement demanded from you as a customer to the developer. Developing a great app is impossible without your input.

Ask your partner about the number of iterations that will appear during the development process. Be sure to contribute feedback to the wireframes and prototypes of your app. 

You should also understand how your contractor will mesh with the team since they need to get along. 

Questions to ask include: “How often do we need to communicate? What are the priorities for starting a project? What project management tools do you use? What approach do you follow? What input do you offer?”

Track how frequently the prospective contractor replies to your messages and phone calls during the hiring process.

Choose a company where ideas are shared openly and where the goal of everyone working on the project is to build a better app and help your business flourish. 

Find a Reliable Contractor for Your App Development

Following these steps will help you choose the most suitable mobile app development company for your business:

  1. Defining your mobile app requirements
  2. Looking through the companies’ portfolios thoroughly
  3. Meeting time, budget, and scope criteria 
  4. Getting to know their customer service
  5. Evaluating the level of involvement and communication

Your contractor will understand your business requirements precisely and never compromise on the quality of the work. Don’t rush this decision. 

Always consider a partner carefully before choosing one to work on your mobile app idea. 

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